Monday, March 31, 2008

Trivial History March 31

Wonderful day to you all!

Today (or the weekday closest to March 31) St Clement Danes Church on The Strand, in London, holds the Oranges and Lemons Service where kids from the local St Clement Danes primary school read the lesson for the day, recite the famous nursery rhyme and are given an orange and a lemon at the end of the service.
Read more about it HERE.

1809 Tricking those sly dogs of the NSW Corps, Bligh arrived at Hobart and shifted into the renovators delight Government cottage with his daughter.

1829 Fort Dundas, on Melville Island, didn't live up to its promises as a 5 star resort so everyone upped sticks and hot footed it to the next fashionable place to be seen, Raffles Bay, NT.

The Prince of Wales, who later morphed into King Edward VIII, was so upset that a wallaby named Digger, which was presented to him in Australia in 1920, died at Trinidad on the way to England that he had him formally buried at Government House in Trinidad with a gravestone inscribed,
"Here lies Digger a Wallaby belonging to HRH the Prince of Wales".

1831 Surprise, the first Aussie-built steamship, was launched with much aplomb and high spirits , of both kinds, in Sydney.

1839 Bet there were a few celebrations all round that night too...Joseph Forbes aka Timor Joe, was rescued from Timorlaut Island where he'd not been voted off the island held captive for 14 years.

1871 Young Griffo, the Lightweight Boxing Champion of The World, was born Read more about Albert Griffiths aka Young Griffo HERE

Ghost spot-
On the corner of St Georges and Barracks Sts, Perth in the late 1870's there was often sighted the figure of a thin, morbid-looking soldier in uniform who carried a type of kettle. When passersby would speak to the figure, the ghost would snap smartly to attention and salute the speaker before fading before their very eyes.

1909 Victoria finally woke up to itself the treasure trove it had in the form of women and proclaimed the Act giving them the right to vote in state elections. Goodness, next you know they'll let a woman be PM of a country somewhere...

1921 The Aussie Air Force was formed, with the "Royal" being added further down in the year on August 13th.

1930 Lectures, and not of the nagging wife kind, begin at the illustrious Canberra Uni.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When copying old family photos, take photos of the original photos with a digital camera and have many copies printed for future interested generations.

1943 Oooo-ah that won't make them popular! Aussie and American servicemen unloaded ships in Sydney during a strike by the wharf labourers.

1947 Now that all the shouting was over, assisted migration for British migrants was reintroduced with free passage thrown in for all ex-servicemen.

1955 And the world was blessed with the musical genius trussed up in a school boys uniform in the guise of Angus Young from AC/DC. Read more about Angus HERE.

Miss Ed Ma Kate Shun's Elucidations-
Take the kids to the supermarket and buy several imported food items. Back home again and give the kids a world map to plot the travel of these items and to consider how much energy actually went into the production and transport of these foods. Can they be grown locally ? Are they in season? Discuss how these foods impact on a developing country and its inhabitants.

1977 Old Iron Gloves, Rodney Marsh, took out his 188th wicket during the Centenary Test Match at the MCG creating a new record.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Dead Easy Marmalade.
Collect citrus peel and put through the meat mincer on the finest setting.
In a saucepan add 2 cups of water for every cup of fruit peel.
Bring to the boil and simmer gently until the peel is tender than toss in 3 cups of white sugar for every cup of peel.
Continue simmering until the mixture begins to jell together.


  1. "Goodness, next you know they'll let a woman be PM of a country somewhere..."

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