Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Trivial History March 4

World Maths Day is tomorrow! Register and have some fun wink

1804 Irish convicts at Castle Hill weren't happy campers so over 200 of them launched a full-scale rebellion that became known as The Battle of Vinegar Hill. Yep, that'll do it!

1821 Stable your shanks' pony Mavis, a stage coach began plying its trade between Sydney and Richmond.

1825 Due to overwhelming popularity demand another resort penal settlement was begun on the picturesque isolated Maria Island in Tassie.

When an English cricket XI played in Australia in 1864 against local teams, the colonials were allowed to field 22 players to "even up their disadvantage". Somehow I don't think we'd be allowed to do the same these days!

1837 The native fauna packed its collective pouch and ambled off into the bush as Yass was gazetted for a town.

1837 The Guv, Sir Richard Bourke, popped down for a gander at the Port Phillip District and Melbourne on a busmans holiday.

1853 Giving up the idea of jet skis and outboard motors as far too outlandish, the Mary Anne made her maiden voyage as the first steamship to wet its prow on the Murray River.

Ghost spot-
A certain Melbourne tram (Z1.52) is reputed to be haunted by a ghost, with many drivers reporting to see a strange female passenger on board. I've seen plenty of those strange females and not just on trams!

1864 Daniel Mannix, the institution who was Archbishop of Melbourne for 46 years and one of the most influential figures of his time, was born. Read more about him HERE.

1867 Having another party away from the womenfolk inter-colonial conference in Melbourne, the boys decided on a common postal service and called for more jugs of beer the establishment of a Federal Council.

1868 The Polynesian Labourers Act was passed with the breakfast prunes in Qld to control *ahem* recruitment of Kanakas aka "blackbirding". To find out more about this disgusting practice of slavery click HERE ,HERE or HERE.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Should the blades on your cast iron meat grinder be a little on the blunt side, put a few scraps of sandpaper in and turn the handle, washing thoroughly afterwards.

1896 Again with the ugly bits - The Premier's at a conference left their racist shirts hanging out when they agreed to all colonies restricting immigration of coloured people ( those who weren't lily-white enough to pass muster) and amend the Anti-Chinese legislation they'd already put in place.

1924 Start singing Happy Birthday to the song Happy Birthday ! Waaay back in 1893 two Sunday school teachers in Kentucky scribbled the song and finally got around to getting it published on this day. Hip hip.....

1938 After a long while between drinks - 8 years to be exact- assisted British immigration was back to full steam ahead.

Great Uncle Rupert's Ripper Refreshments-
Sweet Lemon Cocktail.
Throw into a shaker 1 cup of vodka, the juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 cup of vanilla sugar and ice. Shake thoroughly and serve in a tall glass, garnished with lemon slices.
*Great Uncle Rupert advocates responsible service of alcohol and drinking in moderation.

1978 Excitement gripped children and parents alike in Melbourne; children at climbing all over the newly restored masted ship project the Polly Woodside and parents with the hope their teens would follow an old tradition and run away to sea before they discovered heavy metal.

1989 The first elections were held in the recently independent Australian Capital Territory. Finally! Those living in the national capital could actually vote!

1996 A little slow from the starting blocks but we're starting to catch up - County Court Judge Rosemary Balmford became the first female Supreme Court Judge in Victoria.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Mushroom Sauce.
Sprinkle fresh field mushrooms with salt, leaving for 4 hours then breaking them up by hand.
Put in an air tight container in the back of the pantry for about 3 days, turning them and squishing them. Season with all spice, ginger and cayenne pepper then boil in a saucepan for 30 mins. Strain while pouring into a jug when cool, add a teaspoon of brandy for each litre of fluid.


  1. "...the colonials were allowed to field 22 players to "even up their disadvantage"."

    It's about time the colonials returned the favour I reckon and allowed us English to field an extra 400 players.

  2. LOL Do you really think that would help Brian ? :P

  3. Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
    Should the blades on your cast iron meat grinder be a little on the blunt side, put a few scraps of sandpaper in and turn the handle, washing thoroughly afterwards.

    lol, for some reason, I am having visions of a serial killer in their kitchen disposing of bodies .....

  4. PMSL
    I hadn't thought of that,now I can see the possibilities! I must ask Great Aunt Hepzibah if she has any tips for removing the evidence...
    Not to mention demented Google searches for "meat grinder kitchen serial killers" LOL.

  5. That mushroom sauce sounds intriguing. I am scared of it though. It sounds like powerful hoodoo or something.

  6. It probably doubles as paint stripper and weed killer lol.