Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Aussie Archaeology...Pfft!

What do you do to an illegal archaeology dig that is turning up some extremely rare finds on a site that will shortly be totally ripped to shreds by a massive development?

Do you -

  • A) Call in Heritage Victoria to start digging and cataloging finds?
  • B) Contact a local Uni to organise interested student volunteers to help out with the dig?
  • C) Dump a shed load of rocks on the site?

Yes, folks, if you live in Melbourne and someone finds some rare archaeology, rest assured a certain council will dump a pile of rocks on the area after chasing away the only people, albeit illegally, doing anything to preserve some of our history.


  1. CoPP are normally quite good at preservation etc. They clearly don't want any unnecessary delays but it is far from the fat lady singing.

  2. Asshats!


    Can I say that on your blog?


  3. Jayne, it's time to start a new campaign:

    "Get your rocks off!": Free historically dumped rocks from infamous illegal archaeological site to anyone who wants to take them! Sell 'em on E-Bay along with your chunk of the Berlin Wall!

    That should soon have the site cleared again.

  4. Hmmm... obviously rocks and archaeology go together, eh?

    *snicker* I love Brian's suggestion!

  5. Hope they live up to their reputation, Andrew ;)

    Yes, Bettina, you may say asshats lol :P

    LMAO I like your style, Brian :)

    They're upping the challenge stakes somewhat, Naomi lol. Brian is good value ;)