Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bits 'n' Bobs

A couple more of the lost cable and electric tram lines from the well-researched Andrew at High Riser.

Lost Cable Tram Lines #3 St Kilda - Windsor

Lost Electric Tram Lines #3 Box Hill - Doncaster

I've been trying to drag Feral Beast in to update his blog the past several days but he's begun a new trench in the backyard and is excavating more pottery and glass shards.


  1. I hope he's filling in context sheets and building a stratigraphic matrix.

  2. Ummm....nope.
    Does it count that we convinced him not to keep digging towards under the fence and the stormwater drain?

  3. Jayne,

    Tell him he must start keeping records; diagrams, photographs, notes etc. We want a full excation report with key phrases underlined and lots of meaningless numbers and buzz words all over it...otherwise we'll have to sling him out of the Archaeologists' Union.

  4. I just read that out to FB and,after having a giggle, he said he thought he should be doing some serious documenting. Now he wants to borrow the camera ;)

  5. Good one. He's got a bright future ahead of him...if you consider standing in a trench surrounded by inquisitive cows a bright future, of course.

  6. He would love nothing better, it's his idea of heaven, cows and all lol.