Monday, April 14, 2008

For Lord Hughes

As LiD reminded me about old stamp, scrap, card and photo albums HERE I went and hunted them out only to find some old pics of Blackpool.
Here you go Brian, feel free to copy them wink


Brian Hughes said...


Cheers for that. Not sure why I'd want to copy them though. I have to put with having that ugly monstrosity of a town on my doorstep as it is, without having to see inside my home as well.

Jayne said...

Because if you look closely in the bottom one you'll probably find some ancient bacterial life forms emerging from the primeval water :P

Brian Hughes said...

Ah...that'd be when Sedgwick came on holiday here then.

Jayne said...

Poor Lord Sedgwick LOL.

Actually I thought it dated the existence of that new species Heatherus Millus subspecies Ugly Wankerus Gold Digging Biatch.