Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Growing Challenge Part Deux

Ohh look...I can type French!
Anyway, I was going to tempt you all with some photos of my tomatoes defying the seasons by continuing to produce those luscious red baubles full of flavour and yumminess...but I cannot upload pictures today.
So I will simply talk it to death razz
The pumpkin vines, that should by rights be getting ready to turn up their toes, are flourishing and popping out some more Queensland Blue pumpkins for me to plot and plan meals over.
The self-seeded tomatoes are booming in their growth and have several flowers ready to open to host some tap-dancing bees.
The other tomato bushes - planted waaaay back in early Spring (September in Oz) - are still going strong with another bundle of flowers ready to open, also, alongside some fruit that is slowly developing a delicious blush to it's skin.
The zucchinis, planted too late in the season, are also defying the colder weather and, although beginning to parade a little mildew, are producing plenty of flowers that are attracting the bees.
I will spray the leaves with a milk and water mixture as a cure for the mildew, in a few days.
The beans, pak choy and multiple silverbeet plants are being generous, as always, in providing the greens for many of our meals.
Last week I planted out a gazillion carrot, broccoli, onion, leeks and bean seedlings, all of which have taken a firm hold of the soil and are looking very healthy.
The greenhouse is full of almost-ready to plant seedlings, of which I will blog about next week!


  1. I wish I'd known about the milk spray. I pulled my thoroughly mildewed zucchini plants out yesterday. They stopped producing as soon as the scorching summer weather abated. And that was it for my one square metre of garden bed except for a couple of capsicum plants that are struggling to produce half-size fruit. So kudos to you. I'm green (with envy, not thumbed).

  2. "Ohh look...I can type French!"

    Typing French is not the same as speaking French. You don't get the lingering smell of garlic for a start.

  3. That's a shame Hilary :(
    It really is the wrong time for zucchinis but I've got my fingers, and toes, crossed.

    I could fling some garlic in your general direction, Brian :P