Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Growing Challenge

As you can see by the purdy picture that's full of yummy goodness in my sidebar, I've signed up for The Growing Challenge.
It's all about plonking a seed in a pot/the ground and nurturing it till that itty bitty speck grows into a plant that will feed your growling stomach.

As regular readers will know I often mention my food forest aka vegie patch but I'll be mentioning it about once a week from now on to tempt your taste buds with succulent, fresh fruit and vegies that have come straight from the garden with no pesticides, no cold storage to leach the flavour out and no $ flying out of my pocket into a whole chain of growers, transporters, supermarkets and every other man and his dog in between.

Today I'll be planting out the onion and broccoli seedlings that have been waving their delicate heads at me from the (plastic) greenhouse.
A few shovel-fuls of sheep poo dug into the soil and a liberal splashing of some Charlie Carp soluble fertiliser now and every other week should be a good start for these future meal fillers.mrgreen


  1. Good on you - I have some broccoli seeds, just need to work out where they should go. My getting seeds to seedlings to plant rate is not so good - something to do with too much sun and not enough water! Direct in the ground (from seed or seedling) I do okay, though.

  2. Thanks Jeanie!
    Ahhh that water thing...pity we can't program the rain for 30 mins each evening ;)

  3. "...fresh fruit and vegies..."

    If my doctor had meant me to eat fruit and vegetables he wouldn't have removed my gallbladder.

  4. Do you keep it in a jar beside your bed with your false teeth and wooden leg, Brian ? :P

  5. Indeedy. Permaculture's the future - unless the IPA penetrates further into the ALP governing carcass.