Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hot Hunk Thursday

Oh yes, I was going to join in the Hot Hunk Thursday manly love fest again this week, brought to everyone on the webs by Widdle Shamrock.
But I still can't load up any pictures so I'll simply give you some links to salivate over my choice for the week.

Mikey Robins.

That gorgeous hunk -a- spunk, that piece of cuddly thinking woman's crumpet, the most delicious male on Aussie TV that makes a suit look good.

Yes, that Mikey Robins.


  1. He looks gooder since he dropped some of the weight doesn't he?

    (yes I'm great at english lol)

  2. I used to silently drool over him before his surgery lol ;)
    Now I need a bib :P

  3. I'm saying nothing. Sometimes there's just nothing worth actually saying...

  4. Feast your eyes Nicole and Kelly!

    Looking a little green there, Brian :P