Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm as happy as a pig in poop!

Wandered over to Chadstone via bus- bus is the only sane way to get into Chadstone these days.
Do not drive.
Do not pass Go and do not collect ( or spend) $200 trying to work your way through the car park.
It will make your ears bleed in frustration!

Anyway...I was on a mission, fueled by a gut feeling.
My cousin had told me about the DVD's she'd bought at Target on the cheap, one being They're A Weird Mob.
I wanted this.
I also had an inkling they might possibly have one of the Holy Grails of classic Aussie cinema - Malcolm.

We were neck-deep in the Target DVD's for perhaps 4 mins when The Spouse laid his pretty little cotton-pickin' paws on *be still my beating heart* Malcolm.

We got They're A Weird Mob, Dad and Dave and The FJ Holden but...Malcolm!
*sigh* I'm a happy camper tonight!

And if you haven't figured out yet, each Malcolm is linked to a different review of the film so I don't have to re-invent the wheel by writing it here razz
Oh, by the way all 4 flicks set us back a measly $34.00.

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  1. i remember watching They're A Weird Mob on TV when i was about 10.. I seem to remember liking it but that might have just been because I was allowed to stay up to watch it, and probably a lot of it went over my head.. and I don't think I've seen it on TV ever since though I know it's been on Foxtel.. perhaps I might need to buy the dvd!

  2. I can't understand why Australian cinema hasn't toppled Hollywood from its monopoly of the market yet.

  3. Weird Mob was a great book and quite an enjoyable movie I seem to recall. Part of Malcolm was filmed on The Hump, aka Mount Buggery, I believe, perhaps when it was a single track. Let me know after you have watched it.

  4. because Brian for every decent Australian film out there, there are over a dozen turkeys!

  5. I remember Malcolm very, very funny.
    You scored well.

    Pity I am on a no buy challenge for April except for birthday presents /cards (food /essentials etc not included -like a new kettle because the other one is stuffed and I will burn the house down using the stove)

  6. TV Andrew - They're A Weird Mob is only $6.99, restored by Screensound Aust. Go on, you know you wanna buy it... :P

    Brian,the reason Aussie cinema hasn't toppled Hollywood goes waaay back in the dim past to the Aussie govt taking pieces of silver to let the big Hollywood studios buy up all the Aussie cinemas and ban any and all Aussie movies being shown in Oz for some years.And the Aussie film industry hasn't quite got over it's indignation yet.

    Yep, single track, Andrew, and the long-gone Sth Melb depot and umpteen other landmarks, cars and conductors!!! that have sadly since followed the Dodo.
    Milk in glass bottles!
    Posties the blew a whistle!
    Only 22 years ago but a stack of disappeared things.

    TV Andrew - not to mention the many bad US remakes of Aussie flicks - Strange Bedfellows =I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Tim, Shame,Mad Max 2 =Waterworld, etc.

    Trish, can't you be planning ahead for your birthday and pop Malcolm away till then? If your Target hasn't got it you could get a raincheck...and get it when it's not April! ;)

  7. The same thing happened to British cinema. I think the statistics read that less than one per cent of British films are shown in America nowadays, whereas we have to suffer nintety-nine per cent of theirs. I haven't worked out what we're supposed to be getting in return for these cinematic sanctions, but it isn't quality movies that's for certain.

  8. Aw, sweet. I'll have to hunt these movies up myself. I've yet to see Malcolm but have been desperate to fix that for years! And if they're going on the cheap... all the better, eh?

  9. Mind melting pap is the answer, Brian.

    Exactly, Mr V! It's a win:win situation ;) Think of it as investing in Aussie art lol ;)

  10. Great buying! Oh Chadstone. I used to spend a LOT of time there as a teenager. When it was just a little shopping centre with LOTS of carparking instead of a big shopping centre with not much carparking.

  11. LOL I remember it like that too, Lightening. These days it's a behemoth shopping centre that's gobbling up all surrounding property for acres of car parking that you need a packed lunch and a guide dog to get through.