Friday, April 18, 2008

Mafia Possums Up The Ante

Woke up this morning and found this laid out on the back step.
Right where the slug guts message had been left, previously.

As the closest palm tree is 2 houses over and we've not had any wind of late, I can only assume it's another intimidation tactic from one of these

The chooks have taken to snoozing during the day, obviously getting no sleep from the raucous party animals in the tree tops above them.

Perhaps they're dreaming of...

No, no, not this

more likely this
or maybe this
If they ask to borrow the can opener I'll worry...
Or could they be hoping to keep their tootsies warm this Winter in possum skin booties?
Or have their minds completely wandered from the straight and narrow and slipped into some possum skin bikinis???


  1. I reckon that possum fancies you, hence the little presents every morning. Try to drop it a few hints about chocolate.

  2. Evil little sucker is out to get you.

    And we're not spared the little charmers five k's from the CBD. We have two who love to 'rock the casbah' all night long, much to the displeasure of my hounds.

    The combined noise is deafening. I'm glad I work nights.

  3. Ever seen a gorgeous possum coat Jayne? They are so so soft. Bushtails make up the bulk of the garment, but the ring tails provide some nice trim. Our native owners knew how to stitch them together nicely.

    (print and laminate this and place in a prominent place in the backyard)

  4. Just put up a huge sign "Possum processing INC". This with either get you killed by the possums or scare them away.

  5. I would Brian except I'd be suss on the "chocolate" drops they'd drop off ;)

    They're hell bent on setting a new world record on procreation, Anja ;)

    Melb Museum has a lovely possum skin coat, Andrew, I may take a piccy of it next time I'm in there and place it alongside the laminated placard lol ;)

    Thanks Dr Burst. Feel like a piece of possum pie to get your day started ? lol

  6. Wasn't the palm leaf a sign of peace or something? Not that I'm switching sides (or gagged and bound by possums and being forced to type this with my nose)but maybe it is their idea of a white flag.

  7. LOL love this post but not possum bikini's.

    Cute but evil little critters. My brother and a few others caught one once in the caravan annexe on holidays - it went wild and a few got scratched.