Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Name That ...

Thing !

Hints this week are -
  • It's a box.
  • It's round.
  • It was a manly object for manly things that still exist today but no longer need to be kept in a round box.
Have as many guesses as you like in 25 words or less - or more if you get the urge.
No prizes, just your name in the winners list on my sidebar and the allowance to smile and chant ner, ner, ner, ner ner for 5 mins.
A smarty pants dance is also permitted mrgreen

ADDIT- The box is round for this particular thing that was kept inside it.
**It's for a piece of clothing that is still used today but is no longer a separate item and no longer needs to be placed in a ROUND box.
***I'll keep the competition open for another day.

Congratulations to Widdle Shamrock and Irish Lad!
You may do the smarty pants dance and grin for 5 mins
It's a Victorian collar box for storing the starched detachable collars from men's shirts.

Well done to everyone else who had a go, Name That...Thing competition will be run again next Tuesday!


  1. A knee garter box. (You know what I mean? Garter to keep the socks up, they are round)

  2. Reposted for Socko ;)

    socko said...

    This is a wooden Shaving Kit box.
    Once upon a time men would keep their shaving brush alongside their razor & shaving soap in this box. The smell would permeate in the box & smell quite manly indeed....!!

    *crosses fingers*

  3. It's Sedgwick's cricket box (shown actual size). I recognise the floral motiff on the lid from Sedgwick's appearance in Bearded Wombat Monthly.

  4. Irish lad and I think it is for a collar on a shirt.

  5. That wasn't very clear, sorry, had a crying child so pushed send.

    We think it is a box for putting a collar from a shirt in.

  6. I am a bit puzzled as to how big this box actually is..... I am thinking it may be larger than it appears.

    Is it a Hat box?

  7. Sorry Pip.
    It's a collar box for when shirt collars were detachable.
    Widdle Shamrock and Irish Lad got it earlier today.

  8. Celluloid collars, Jayne? The ones that could be wiped clean. My Gran said to iron the fronts of shirts only as a gentleman never takes his coat off. Prime advice.