Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Name That....


  • This week's Thing is strongly connected to Anzac Day, so look veeerry carefully at it - click on it to get a larger view.
  • The production of this type of thing has a particular name.
  • More common earlier than later, these type of things are getting harder to find after nearly 100 years.
  • These weren't often made by the very men they were meant to commemorate - think about it.

Have as many guesses as you want!
No prizes, just you and your blog name added to the list of winners in my sidebar and the right to do the smarty pants dance around the house/office/internet cafe/ park/ lemon tree for 5 mins razz

Congratulations, Gemisht!
It is indeed Trench Art made to commemorate a dead soldier, made from spent .303 bullets.
Well done to all who had a go, another Name That...Thing competition will be posted next Tuesday.

I'll also post the story behind this particular piece of Trench Art.


  1. Trench Art made from shell casings.

  2. Can I add to that???

    Possibly from WWI, made by the soldiers to pass their time and distract them. This type of cross would probably have been used to commemorate the soldiers where they fell.

  3. For stabbing the Hun in the eye.

  4. A cross made with shell casings to commemorate those who were killed as part of the war.

  5. It's a weapon for killing vampire hamsters.

  6. ROFL @ Brian and Andrew.

    Agree, the cross is made from shell casings.

  7. thanks Jayne. I have done the smartypants dance around the house - the kids are more worried about their Mum now :)