Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Name That....

Thing !

Hints this week -
  • It's from a particular country in the UK.
  • It's used for a particular type of food.
Have as many guesses as you like, only prize on offer is being allowed to do the smarty pants dance and smugly smirking for 5 mins.
And you and your blog name in the list of winners in the sidebar.

Colin from Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe is corrrrrect - it is a spurtle for mixing oats for porridge (and it whips mashed spuds to a nice creaminess, too!).
Congrats Colin, you may now smugly smile and smirk at everyone within a 100 km radius for 5 mins.
Well done to everyone else who had a go, the next Name That... Thing comp will be posted again next Tuesday.


  1. I so want to win this prize one time, so want to do the smug smirk. Just once. But, alas, my poor old computer doesn't have enough functioning pixels. I can but try and work it out from your clues. Here's my best guess: something to do with haggis? Or black pudding? Do you use it to clean out intestines? Gross!

  2. That would be a child prodder or in its more traditional use, a stirrer of oats aka a spurtle.

  3. A device to test the firmness of a baking cake (ie when it's ready for consumption).

  4. damn, I was going to say 'constipation relief tool' but you said it was for food.

    Then again...

  5. A spurtle it must be to be sure.
    My inlaws have one of those, although it looks more like a giant pestle, twas a chrissie present for the oh so patient mum in law....gotta keep them men folk in line....

  6. Something to do with haggis and intestines was my first thought too. But I bow to Colin - He would know. :)

  7. I had porridge for tea last night. It just doesn't taste as good without the spurtle or which I have none. I will have to get a rescue package from the home land. My grandmother used to leave it to soak overnight and would spurtle it until it said Perth. It would then be ready to serve.

    Thank you for the smile award. I am still grinning. Better than winning at scratchies.

  8. But, why can't the Scots use a wooden spoon like the rest of us? Why do you need a special tool for stirring porridge?? Very cross with them for depriving me of a smug smirk moment. *grumble, grumble*
    Well done, Colin, I spose.

  9. We HAVE a spurtle! We came across it in Toronto in a shop specializing in East Coast products. Neither of us had heard of one before, and I think we bought it out of linguistic adventure as much as anything. But we DO use it to stir porridge and other thick things.