Sunday, April 27, 2008

Overdue homework?

The Spouse went Sunday Market-ing and returned with several old School Papers (dated from 1913 and upwards) plus a couple of old school readers.

But the one that is the best is the old school work book that Elva Partington, from Heywood, Victoria, used for her schoolwork.

The book is dated from May, 1915 through to February, 1916, with this uncorrected arithmetic in the beginning of July.

I have not the foggiest who Elva was but she had a firm grip on that copperplate script writing, even if she did muck up her grammar and spelling occasionally!

Perhaps Mr V should cast his baby blues across the homework and give it a rating ?lol

Have just found that Elva was born circa 1909 and remained a spinster " single gentlewoman", passing away in 1999 aged 90 and was buried in the town she lived in all her life, Heywood.


  1. I can barely make out half of the writing in it, or what exactly she's supposed to have been doing, but I'm pretty sure she made a mistake with the long multiplication down the bottom. The second 'answer' should have a 6, not an 8, so she's about 200 out.

    Great little find though!

  2. By the looks of it, she's attempting to calculate the number of roods in a given amount of acreage. Probably designing a theme park for her chickens or something.

  3. It's roods and chains Mr V know, the stuff you teach your kids every day :P
    I'll scan some of the old School Papers for you to tease your class with too, Mr V lol.

    Yep, that's about it Brian. But I'm not sure about her theme park somehow...:P

  4. But . . . she was 6! Is that what you are saying? Much as we have the convenience of a metric system these days, I don't think we get 6-year-olds to calculate area, do we?

  5. I am searching on my calculator buttons for chains and roods, but I cannot find them. Don't ask me to do any calculations with a calculator.

  6. I imagine she would have been in a mixed grade, being a small rural school, so she may have shared her book with an older sibling perhaps Hilary?
    6 does seem rather young to be doing these type of calculations.

    Tsk,tsk no fancy schmancy calculators, Andrew! Count 3 toes, carry 4 fingers and throw a decimal point in somewhere near the ankle...that should do it :P

  7. Elva Partington was a descendant of the price family from Milltown. She visited us in Tasmania when she was in her eighties and I have at least one very nice photo of her.