Monday, April 28, 2008

The School Paper

The School Paper was a monthly newsletter put out by the Victorian Dept of Education.
Costing 1 penny, every child was expected to purchase a copy and gain their required reading, comprehension, grammar, spelling, etc in amongst the news, poems, stories and state-wide updates.

This issue is, obviously, about the Anzacs, which I thought was quite appropriate at the moment.

Throughout the war all school children were expected to raise money for the war effort and the picture below shows just one of the items included in The School Paper that encouraged the students even more.

I'll be posting some more of these as it's interesting to read what primary school aged children were prepared to do to raise funds - some of which kids these days wouldn't even consider!lol


  1. "Harry Robinson is the third pupil to obtain his pound."

    Why does Shylock spring to mind?

  2. Shylock wasn't allowed to spill a drop of blood... but somehow I think the Ed Dept got blood from stones!