Monday, April 7, 2008

Thingies, Bits n' Bobs and Lost & Found

Some bits and pieces for those who are interested ...

Talking TelevisionAu has a great write up HERE on an upcoming episode of Australian Story about the Perth newsreader who tragically became another victim of depression just last November.

Andrew Denton tonight wanders, albeit ever so briefly, in the shoes of the mentally ill.
Angels and Demons brings the viewer face to face with only a few of the demons that torment todays mentally ill people who are struggling to regain their mind and rediscover the world around them.
One aspect, that will be revealing, is when Andrew Denton wears earphones with a cacophony of voices screaming in his head whilst he is put through his paces in an interview.
Tonight ABC1 9.35pm

Cheltenham's Lost Steam Tramway

Horse Drawn Trams #2 The Zoo Horse Tram


  1. I can't help thinking that, if you're suffering from depression, becoming a newsreader (i.e. someone whose soul purpose in life is present misery, death and mayhem to the public) isn't the smartest move to make. Somebody ought to sack her career's adviser.

  2. It's a very stressful job, indeed.
    From memory the reports stated her medication had been altered at the time of her death :(