Saturday, April 19, 2008

Top 5 signs your pets rule the roost.....

5. Your cat demands to be carried the whole length of the backyard as she is disdainful of setting a paw down where a dog stood 3 hours before....and you comply.

4. You don't move the cat off your pillow at night for fear of her coughing up a furball in your shoes.

3. You only cook fettucini as the chooks prefer it to spaghetti.

2. You have to feed the dogs and cats their breakfast at 7 am Every.Single.Morning (8 am daylight savings time) or the cats start chewing through the electrical cords on the computer.

1. You make a hot water bottle for your dog.
Who sleeps on your bed.
Under your dressing gown.
With her own pillow.
And she still snores.


  1. "You have to feed the dogs and cats their breakfast at 7 am Every.Single.Morning."

    Seven A.M.? Hah! Five A.M. more like! Otherwise there'll be two hours of paws in the face, meeows down the lughole and the occasional chin bite just as I'm nodding off to sleep!

  2. Ahhh! You've been blessed with a "I'm hun-GRRRRRRRRRRRY. Feed me noOOOOOOOOOW" cat.
    Those timid, polite felines never seem to find their way to our door, somehow....

  3. Bahahaha... you have to feed your felines on time or they will be nomming on your eyeballs.

  4. LOL Anja.
    We have one cat who pretends to smooch along your jawline but he's actually lifting his lip (do cats have lips?) and rubbing his teeth along your skin.
    Another cat licks you to death but she's really tenderising her prey :P

  5. baaahaahaaa

    We have a 'feed me NOW' cat! Luckily for me he's decided that CJ is the food giver so follows her around the house instead...............