Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trivial History April 1

Happy April Fools' Day!
Good morning to all you delightful little poppets!

Had you been on the ball when you set your alarm clock and clicked HERE for the detailed information on Melbourne's First Tuesday Market, you mightn't have been in for a surprise razz
Had you let the date slip through to the keeper, then you would have found out it was an April Fool's Day joke by Mr White Hat, from the White Hat website and newsletter fame.
Click on the link to read about his past, very entertaining April Fool's Day jokesexclaim

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1790 Things were crook when daily tucker rations were reduced even further at Sydney.

1794 He who had his finger in every spot of unrest and his nose in everyone's business, MacArthur was given a pressie of another 10 acres at Parramatta.

1796 To control the sale of grog Governor Hunter issued the first 10 licences to pubs...and no, it wasn't an April Fools' Day joke!

1843 The more things change, the more they stay the same...The Bank of Australia failed miserably.

1846 The executive Council in Sydney voted Port Phillip District off the island to be separated from NSW.

1857 The brig Sea Bell was wrecked off Fraser Island and the only survivors were a woman and 2 kids who had to holiday there for 2 years before they were rescued.

1860 A rather large number of Londoners received an invite in the snail mail to pop into the Tower of London via the White Gate on Sunday April 1st, 1860 to watch the ceremony of scrubbing the White Lions. Hansom cabs were doing blockies all day around the Tower searching for the White Gate which doesn't exist.

1876 Captain John Mason, of Belfast in Victoria was getting his knickers in a twist having eyeballed the Mahogany Ship at Warrnambool and not finding it since so he penned a letter to the Argus newspaper which you can eyeball for yourself HERE.

1877 Standing on Thursday Island some smarty poo bum thought it would enhance the tourist value by turning it into a coaling station for steamers so they humped the Qld settlement of Somerset off to the holiday isle.

1885 Oh to pop back in time to have the coal dust and smoke smell in my hair! Steam trains began running their little wheels off between Adelaide and Victor Harbour.

1897 Jandamarra, the aboriginal warrior who stole a number of guns and led his followers in attacks against European settlers, was killed. Read more about Jandamarra, a man caught between 2 worlds, HERE.

1921 After gaining a reputation for military prowess in WW1 the very first AIF was disbanded.

1937 The first Police-Citizen Boys' Club opened in Woolloomooloo to help boys get off on the right foot in life. Read more about the clubs HERE.

1938 A new monthly newspaper, Abo Call, which focused on Aboriginal rights, began publication today. Read more about it HERE.

1939 Adelaide's horse tram, which transported horses to the Morphetville Racecourse, was stopped after 9 years, although the line remained open (as it does today) for the 2 legged passenger services.

1955 Hobart in Tassie joined the Dark Side when it became the first Aussie city to introduce parking meters.

1957 Click HERE to read and hear how, due to a mild Winter and the elimination of that dreaded spaghetti weevil, Swiss farmers were enjoying a bumper spaghetti crop that year.......

1978 Dick Smith used a barge to tow an iceberg, from Antarctica, into Sydney Harbour where he promised to carve it up into ice cubes and flog them off for 10 cents each. Everyone was sooooo excited....until the rain washed away the shaving cream foam.

1987 Get out your tissues, people who grew up in the '80's, as today was the last day of filming that great soapie which gave us Pat the Rat, Sons and Daughters ( or, in the school ground vernacular "Slappers and Slaughters" ).


  1. T'was a good day.

    You got me with the Tuesday Market, but I have already had my revenge.

    1876 sounds quite plausible.

    1938. I had to reread the word call. especially the vowel.

    1957 and 1978. Were you listening to Derek tonight?

    1987. Never heard that. Good name.

  2. The joke being, of course, that it's still March in Blighty.

  3. Aha! Someone's admitted the Market got them :)
    Mr White Hat will be chuffed lol.
    I was in 2 minds about posting 1938, but que sera sera.

    Yep, you're a little behind, Brian :P
    And you can twist that sentence anyway you wish LOL!