Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trivial History April 10

Having wandered beyond the front gate and finding ourselves in Prahran we joined the Prahran Mechanics' Institute as members and then window-shopped up Chapel St for a bit (you didn't wave to the mad cow in the tartan flannel shirt, Andrew, I'm wounded razz).
Be warned -I now have books on the cable trams with maps and I'm not afraid to use themexclaim

1811 Get your skateboard out, the Parramatta - Sydney Road was open for business after 21 convicts, with their bare hands and hand tools, had carved it out.

1837 Having rejected Bearbrass and Batmania as suitable titles for villages on the Yarra River - goodness knows why! - the names of Melbourne and Willams Town were decided upon by NSW Governor, Sir Richard Bourke.

When a schooner containing the coffin of a Chinese gentleman sank in Torres Strait in the late 1800's the man's relatives begged for his remains to be recovered so he could have a proper burial in China.
A diver went down to the wreck and never returned.
A few weeks later a second diver went down and disappeared.
A 3rd diver, who was more experienced and who had a theory, went down and threw 2 charges of dynamite into the porthole of the wreck before ascending. After the charges were fired he returned to find what he suspected - the mangled body of a giant octopus who had claimed the divers and was guarding the coffin.

1843 8 chappies who were clearing land at Tufnell Park, in Old Blighty, found 400 gold sovereigns. The lord of the manor, Mr Tufnell tried to claim the goodies as treasure trove but, alas for him a brass founder from Clerkenwell proved to the courts he'd had a slight mental hiccup and buried the dosh.

1849 Walter Hunt, who never realised what golden inventions he was creating, invented the safety pin today. Sadly it didn't hold much together for him as he gave the rights to a mate to whom he owed a gambling debt. Read more about the hapless inventor Walter Hunt HERE.

Ghost spot-
A family in San Remo, Victoria were subjected to a paranormal attack on their house in the mid-1980's that included rocks and gravel being thrown at it and them, objects being tossed around and finally the house burned down. The attacks followed them to a caravan in which they stayed, rocking the van so violently that they, and neighbours, feared it would tip right over. Eventually the attacks stopped when they moved out of the area.

1862 The choo-choo from Geelong to Ballarat was declared open and a huge nosh up was slapped on to celebrate for 500 guests and Members of Parliament.

1912 That frightfully large and impressive boat, RMS Titanic slipped her moors and set sail from Southampton for New York. Should be a jolly good voyage!

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
To save money on entertainment, instead of hiring movies from the video store, check out the selection at a local library. They're free to borrow and you might be surprised at the variety on offer.

1970 Paul McCartney told the world that The Beatles were no more. Bet that still hurts more than his recent break-up announcement...razz

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Finely chop celery, bacon and onion, and saute in a pan.
Add enough plain flour to coat then slowly add milk, stirring all the while, till you have a thick sauce.
Add seasoning to taste and spoon over any meat dish of choice.


  1. Sorry Jayne. I was no doubt preoccupied with looking at someone of the opposite sex to you.

  2. speaking of the beatles........... that reminds me of being at my sis in laws new shop the other day helping with the window dummies..... 6 dummies and only one leg between them. The jokes about heather mill's long lost leg were flying thick and fast! lol

  3. Strange that, Andrew lol.

    LOL Bettina! Thankfully the divorce judge ruled she didn't have a leg to stand on :P (boom boom)

  4. "...the mangled body of a giant octopus."

    That'd be that sick squid he was owed then.

  5. Over-priced calamari as usual, Brian :P