Saturday, April 12, 2008

Trivial History April 12

Having kick started the brain with a lukewarm cup of tea (hmm yum ?) here's your trivia for todaysmile

1606 Great Britain adopted the Union Jack as its flag, which proved far prettier than the leg of Aunty Mary's drawers.

1816 Victorian Premier of the future, poet, writer and convicted seditious pot-stirrer, Charles Duffy, was pupped. Read about this strong willed, colourful character from Aussie colonial times HERE.

When a 4 ft 3 in midget actor asked for a drink in a Sydney pub in 1946, the barmaid refused because she thought he was a 9 year old child.
Actor Raymond Hartley, actual age 19, sued the hotel licensee for calling him " a dirty little lout" and the hotel keeper was fined £2

1826 Female School of Industry was opened in Sydney to train gals as domestic servants, although, as they are very scarce on the ground these days, surely this highlights a need to revive this institution...? Anyone...?

1899 In with the new and out with the old...former Victorian Premier James Service shuffled off to Buffalo for the last time.

Ghost spot-
At an old house in Wombarra, NSW, a German national lady was arrested on charges of spying, during WW1, after Morse code messages were intercepted by ships at sea. Shortly after the end of WW2 inhabitants and visitors reported items moving around, doors opening and closing and a quiet, girlish giggle being heard at the base of the staircase which lasted for only a brief 6 months.

1901 Eddie Barton and his partners in crime cabinet were blown away with the beauty of Melbourne and decided to base the new Commonwealth Parliament in the Victorian Parliament House.

1928 A Royal commission was appointed to "look into" (sounds familiar) the control, management, working and financial position of Victorian Railways.
Tick. Tick. Tick.
Start singing with me "Why are we waiting? Always constipating...."

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
To cut down on the plastic bags when buying fruit and vegies from supermarkets and green grocers, make your own out of light-weight materials, like tulle, or recycle net bags from oranges.

1961 The world was blessed when Magda Szubanski was found in the Bunyip patch. Read more about this brilliant comedian, actress and all-round smart cookie HERE.

1962 The Southern Aurora train chugged out of the starting blocks in Sydney on its inaugural sight-seeing trip to Melbourne, becoming the first through-train passenger service between the 2 feuding capitals.

Miss Ed Ma Kate Shun's Elucidations-
With Anzac Day approaching, visit the local War Memorial/ Shrine of Remembrance. Many have education programs available online for kids, including activity sheets, to help convey the enormity of the day and the events that shaped it into several countries national pride.

1964 The good man himself, Rev Ted Noffs, put his money where his mouth was - and put his back into a lot of hard work- when he opened the Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross, Sydney.

1981 "Charlie is my darling, my darling, my darling " is not a song you will hear devoted to Prince Charles but someone, somewhere may have a hummed it a little on his visit to Australia.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Birdsville Track Damper.
Mix 3 cups of flour with 2 dessert spoons of bi carb soda, 4 dessert spoons of cream of tartar and a pinch of salt into enough water to make a stiff dough.
Shape the dough around a round log and place it in the hot coals of the camp fire you have handy. Cover with hot ashes and wander off to read a book for 1 hour.
Serve damper, with its own log carry handle, with meal of choice.


  1. Mmmm, crunchy. I love a bit of charcoal seasoning on my damper.

  2. "Actor Raymond Hartley, actual age 19, sued the hotel licensee for calling him " a dirty little lout" and the hotel keeper was fined £2."

    And ever since then they've always served shorts. (What? Somebody was going to say it eventually.)

  3. Good for the teeth, or so my ex-hubby who couldn't cook would assure me Hilary lol ;)

    LOL Brian, thought that would appeal to you :P