Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trivial History April 13

Another day full of surprises and gleeexclaim

1570 The only man to ever enter parliament with honest intentions, Guy Fawkes, was puppedrazz

1839 The good folk at Albury were no doubt popping their corks in celebration at the news their bush blocks were gazetted as a village.

1841 Realising they'd be waiting a while for Makybe Diva to front up, the horse folk got on with the show by holding the first races at Flemington.

When a passenger ship was wrecked on rocks after leaving Port Phillip in 1851, 8 members of the Keyes family steered their lifeboat to a lighthouse. After putting ashore they found their number had increased by 1 when Mrs Keyes had given birth in the lifeboat. The baby thrived on goat's milk while they waited for help to arrive.

1855 Needing to get some higher learnin' into the heads of future generations an Act of Parliament was passed with the Metamucil to establish the University of Melbourne.

1869 Vida Goldstein, tireless Aussie feminist and reformer, was found in the carrot patch. Read more about Vida HERE.

1892 Our Glad, aka Gladys Moncrieff, hugely popular and successful Aussie singer, was born. Read more about the career and life of Our Glad HERE.

Ghost spot-
Brisbane's notorious Boggo Road Gaol has its own ghost - although averages dictate there should be far more than just 1 - of a chap who was executed by being hung in 1922. Many prisoners and guards witnessed a form on the wall where the gallows used to be.

1893 And you thought restructuring of a shaky business was only a new idea, pfft! The English, Scottish and Australian Chartered Bank closed its doors to hide its gold under the floorboards reconstruct the whole shebang, reopening August 19.

1921 Max Harris, poet, critic, publisher and bookseller who is best remembered for being duped by the Ern Malley hoax. Read about the many accomplishments of Max's life HERE.

1954 Pig Iron Bob Menzies, in his capacity of leader of Or-stray-lia, let Parliament in on the secret of Petrov's defection and announced a Royal Commission would "look into" Soviet spying in Oz.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
To cut down on the amount of plastic bags cluttering up the house, cut them down and crochet shopping bags, gardening sun hats, pot and hand scourers out of them. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

1969 Brisbane lost an icon when their trams stopped running, the last one scurrying down Queen St to the Milton tram workshop with a heavy police escort.

1976 John Stonehouse was, for some unfathomable reason, tossed on his rear from the British Parliament. It might have had something to do with him faking his own death in 1974 and being found hale and hearty by police, who were hunting for Lord Lucan, in Oz.

1983 The Rats of Tobruk Memorial, on ANZAC Parade, was dedicated by the Governor-General Sir Niniam Stephan, in memory of the Australian and Allied servicemen who died during the siege of Tobruk in 1941.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Cooked Chook.
Take 1 large uncooked chook and clean its innards out.
*Slice 1 large lemon in half and pop both halves into the chooks cavity. (stop wincing).
Throw chook into a baking tray coated with a little melted butter, cover with foil and toss into a moderate oven for 45 mins.
Slice and dice the vegies, flinging the vegies to be baked in beside the chook.
Remove foil after 45 mins and let bake for a further 45 mins in the oven.
Keep basting chook and vegies with juice from chook, also use juice in gravy.
*Lemon may be substituted for stuffing mix with lemon juice mixed in.


  1. English, Scottish and Australian. I believe it went on to become E.S.&A. Bank, and then acquired by ANZ. Perhaps the ESA are the first letters of Esanda Finance, which was or still is owned by ANZ.

  2. "...a Royal Commission would "look into" Soviet spying in Oz."

    Can't help wondering what the soviets were actually hoping to find out.

  3. Spot on Andrew.
    Also the closure of the bank on this day buggered up the finances of the Box Hill - Doncaster Tramway and assisted it into its early grave.

    They were hoping to solve that age old argument that has entangled most Soviet men for decades, Brian - budgie smugglers or board shorts?