Monday, April 14, 2008

Trivial History April 14

Tis a stunningly beautiful overcast and dank Mondaymrgreen

From April 12 -19 the Cerialia was held to celebrate the goddess Ceres. So, do as Andrew did and pop out to CERES in Melbourne for a nosh up razz

1860 George Robertson, who many rudely only refer to by his surname these days, was pupped. Who is George Robertson? Just the other book publishing and book selling half of Angus & Robertson, who brought to the masses the brilliant Australian poets and writers we keep breeding in these sunny climes. Read more about George HERE.

1870 Gulgong became a glittering, shining beacon to miners when GOLD! was found there.

A long time Victorian Railways driver, Harry Evans, found a toddler on the tracks near Moonee Ponds station in 1959. He stopped the train, collected the child then dropped him off with station staff at Essendon Station. Eric Christie was able to say thanks to Evans for his rescue 15 years later when he joined Victorian Railways as a junior station assistant.

1877 Henri L'Estrange, adorned in a dark coloured tunic topped of with a red cap and turban, waltzed across a tightrope strung across Willoughby Bay, Sydney.

1879 Henri L'Estrange, when his hot air balloon burst over Melbourne, became the first person in Oz to use a parachute.

1885 That collection of homes and businesses in Orbost was declared a Town!

Ghost spot-
Myola, in outback Qld, has the spirit of an Aboriginal stockman wandering about, scaring stock and people alike.

1890 Stow away the dinghy Uncle Cedric, the Queen's Bridge was opened in Melbourne.

1912 RMS Titanic found a large ice berg the hard way at 11.40pm and finished her downward plunge at 2.20 am. There were numerous Aussies on board, click HERE to find out more.

1933 Bert Hinkler's cousin, Mrs Lores Bonney, proved the female of the species was just as good in the air when she took off from Darwin to become the first gal to wing it from Oz to the Old Dart.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Give dog /pet blankets a good wash and rinse with tea tree oil and hang in direct sunlight when possible. This will prevent any nasties nesting in the material.

1969 Baked bean growers were weeping buckets when natural gas was connected to melbourne homes.

1977 For all us Buffy fans - Sarah Michelle Gellar was found on the Hell Mouth in the tulip patch.

1999 Sydney was slapped around by a nasty hailstorm that left many roofs and homes destroyed and a damages bill of over $1.5 billion.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Burdekin Ducks and Kidman's Blood.
Mix up a moist damper dough, dip slices of corn beef into it then fry in a hot pan till golden brown.
For sweets, dollop the mix into the pan, cook till golden brown and serve with treacle aka Kidman's Blood.

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