Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Trivial History April 2

Did you all survive April Fools Day ?
Or did you get to wear the Fools cap, like myself (and a few others) when Andrew from High Riser had us thinking he was downsizing in a big way?
Never mind; just remember you have 12 months in which to perfect payback *insert evil laugh here*lol

1791 William Bryant's escape party entered and had a look-see around Port Stephens...but the decor didn't agree with them.

Country fishermen in the late 1800's believed fish carried a "photograph" on its air bladder of the place it was spawned and when exposed the picture appeared. One such picture taken from a 46 lb cod and pickled by a fisherman from Wee Waa, NSW showed a tree with roots on the bank of a river.

1852 A gang of 22 blokes played pirate and raided the barque Nelson that was jiggling on its anchor off Williamstown; these enterprising chaps got away with 8,000 oz of gold, which was never recovered.

1856 Voting for the most liposuctioned, matchstick thin politician by throwing your hat in the air was overtaken when voting by secret ballot became law in South Oz.

Ghost spot-
Along the Barossa Valley Hwy at Rowland Flat, in South Oz, motorists often stop for a young chap named Steve who is dripping wet and claims he has just fallen into a nearby creek. He will sit in the car for a few minutes, chatting happily away to the driver when he just simply disappears, leaving a wet, smelly mess where he'd been sitting.

1860 Fred Broomfield, flamboyant writer and good mate of Henry Lawson's who helped him exercise his elbow with the Dawn and Dusk Club, was pupped. Read more about fantastic, undervalued Fred HERE.

1871 Victoria held a party to end all parties census and found there'd been a wee spot of procreation happening with the population hitting 731,528; with 207,000 of those bodies living in Melbourne. Pity the public transport and water systems haven't expanded with the population....meow.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When recycling glass bottles or jars that retain the odour of their original contents, fill the container half-way with warm water and 2 teaspoons of dry mustard. Leave for 2 days then rinse. Repeat if necessary.

1873 Wooohooo, British sleeper cars on trains were finally fitted with dunnys thunderboxes longdrop toilets lavatories .

1879 Shanks' pony was no longer needed for the people of Sale when their humble home was connected to Melbourne by train.

Miss Ed Ma Kate Shun's Elucidations-
If kids have homework/ assignments to complete on the school holidays, set a time limit of 1 hour each morning for the child to do this work. Children are more alert and more likely to concentrate in the morning and knowing there is a time limit helps them knuckle down to finish the work before they can do their own thing.

1905 The GPO ( General Post Office for those not in the know) flung open its doors, with a flourish that had everyone talking for months, for business in Hobart.

1929 The Glenelg steam tram line in Adelaide, the only remaining tram line in that state, was closed for it to rebuilt with standard gauge tracks and to be electrified.

1971 In Kempsey,NSW a bloke was levitated through his kitchen window by a strange force and an even stranger looking creature (no Paris, Britney and the Olsen twins weren't involved). Read more HERE.

1975 Pop over to Talking TelevisionAu to read about how most of Adelaide was duped into thinking "metric time" was being introduced on April Fool's Day. Click HERE to have a giggle!

Grandma Mehitabel's menu-
30 Minute Meal.
Peel and chop spuds and finely chop 1 onion, throw in saucepan to boil.
Cube gravy beef, saute in saucepan then add enough gravy power,seasoning and stock powder to coat the meat. Slowly add warm water while stirring until you have a semi-thick stew.
Add frozen mixed vegies.
Mash spuds and onions, spoon onto plates and form a mini bowl shape with it.
Spoon stew into spud "bowls" and serve with a spoon.


  1. "British sleeper cars on trains were finally fitted with lavatories."

    Before then, of course, you just had to stick your bum out of the window and hope that the train didn't enter any tunnels.

  2. I always thought the "business" was flushed onto the tracks like the legends of frozen no.2's falling from aircraft.

  3. LOL another meaning for "the cold end of the tunnel" ?

    T'would explain those shiny, clean rails......