Monday, April 21, 2008

Trivial History April 21

Well, after a jam packed weekend the males of the household will be crashing back to hum drum reality and (hopefully) FB will be writing up his visit to the railway museum, marching with his grandfather in the local RSL Anzac march, visiting the Medieval Faire at the State Library and attending the memorial at Sunshine train station.
All in 1 weekend.
I know how to keep those blokes busy, happy and, most importantly, out of my hair lol twisted

1810 When convicts and free settlers had a free moment they held the first recorded horse race in Oz, in Parramatta.

1830 The NSW Bushranging Act allows the arrest of anyone suspected of being a bushranger. We could apply this to any politician today, so.....Bail Up!

1856 Stone masons downed tools and stopped work on the Victorian Legislative Assembly (Oh goodness! Wherever will they change out of their wigs and garters?!) when their stone mason artist brothers, slogging their backs out on the Melbourne Uni, joined in the fun and marched on Parliament House. This was the world's first 8 hours day procession.

1861 Burke, Wills and Grey stumbled into Coopers Creek only to find they'd missed the depot party and then made the really bad decision to make for the appropriately named Mt Hopeless.

G.E Morrison made his entrance into Melbourne after a casual stroll of more than 3,000 kms from Normanton in the Gulf of Carpentaria in 123 days. Because he could.

1917 The foundation of the Imperial War Graves Commission, later named the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, was established today.

1918 The Red Baron aka Manfred von Richthofen, the infamous skilled German fighter pilot, was brought down and killed by Australian ground troops. It shows the great respect his foes held for the Red Baron that British and Australian soldiers buried him with full military honours and sent a plane over German lines to drop a message notifying them of Richthofen's death. Read more on the continuing debate of the Red Baron's death HERE.

1921 First Rotary Club was banged together in Melbourne.

1922 The hard working CWA, which is far more than just tea and scones, was created in Sydney as an initiative of the Stock and Station Journal.

1953 Vic Premier John Brumby was pupped.

1970 WA wheat farmer L.G Casely declared his property as independent from the Oz Commonwealth, calling his patch of dirt Hutt River Province and himself Prince Leonard.

1976 The Great Bookie Robbery happened, with bandits nicking off with somewhere in the region of $2 - $6 million of bookmakers dosh from the Victoria Club, in Melbourne.

1979 Idiots saw to the demolition of the historic Bellevue Hotel in Brisbane. The locals vented their spleen over the destruction for months afterwards, with comedian Phyllis Diller adding her tuppence worth to the hooha...not that anyone was listening to the masses by that time.


  1. "...the appropriately named Mt Hopeless."

    I could make a joke about a nunnery...but I'd better not.

  2. That Rotary club is still going, too. It's got a rather impressive list of members and meets in some pretty nice digs... windsor ballroom, anyone?

  3. I bow to your awesomeness at keeping your men folk busy and away from your tootsies

  4. lol Brian.

    Ohhh, noice Miss Diarist!

    lol Bettina. Point them in the general direction of boy stuffs and it's all good ;)