Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trivial History April 24

Hot hunk Thursday has been delayed a little, on this blog, due to a certain blog platform having a bad case of constipation and S.O.L ( shyte on the liver).
Instead you may cast your peepers across the mundane trivial historical events that happened today.

1804 The first cemetery, St. David's, was established in Tassie...obviously they had a need for one, for some reason...

1815 Michael Howe was a bit more than a naughty lad, as he and his gang of bushrangers raided the town of New Norfolk in Tassie, leaving 2 settlers past breathing.

1831 Setting a tradition Aussies hold dear to their hearts, Rev. John McKaeg held the first Baptist church service in Sydney in..... a pub, The Rose and Crown Inn. Gives new meaning to "wetting the baby's head" !

1846 Great author, Marcus Clarke, was pupped. Read more about this fascinating chap HERE.

The first public zoo in NSW was opened in Billy Goat Swamp which is now the site of the Sydney Boys' and Sydney Girls' High Schools. Swamp, zoo, school...all pretty much the same !

1860 HMCS Victoria was not on a pleasure cruise when she set sail from Hobart to New Zealand with British troops on board eager to join in the war at Taranaki between the Maoris and colonists.

1911 A little bit of forward thinking was in evidence when Vaucluse House and Gardens, in Sydney, were declared a public park.

Ghost spot-
A woman, in the late 1970's, reported that her house in West Heidelberg, Vic, was haunted. She and her family had often been woken by something dragging the blankets off their beds and then trying to drag them, by the feet, out of bed. Whatever it was vanished after several months with no explanation.

1912 Even more generosity probably knocked Joe Blow over with a feather when it was announced the NSW Govt granted 43 acres for the construction of a zoological gardens that was later dubbed Taronga Park Zoo.

1918 Second battle of Villers-Bretonneux, on the Western Front, found the Aussies and Brits had driven the Germans out but with a high cost in casualties to the tune of 1,469. Lt Sadlier, from Camberwell, won the VC for his efforts in this day's events.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Keep rubber bands handy for those difficult to unscrew bottle and jar lids. Wrap the rubber band around the lid and this will give you a firm grip to open the bottle/jar.

1971 Close your eyes and I'll kiss you, tomorrow I'll miss you....yes folks, Johnny Young's Young Talent Time made its debut on the idiot box.

1986 Paul Hogan, Budgie Smuggler extraordinaire, hit the big time when his flick, Crocodile Dundee, was let loose in Aussie cinemas, raking in $1 million per month until Christmas of that year.

1998 The Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum was opened, honouring Aussie PoW's who worked on the Burma-Thailand Railway.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Saute finely chopped bacon and onions, let cool.
Chop up (and peel) a whole pumpkin, throw into a saucepan and cover with half milk and half water.
Toss in seasoning to taste, with a tiny sprinkle of curry, and the bacon and onion..
Bring to the boil and gently simmer for 1 hour .
Mash the pumpkin as you stir, add extra cracked pepper.
Serve with hot crusty bread rolls.


  1. ahhhh the good ol pub worship. A great aussie tradition and past time. lol

  2. And one we must uphold, Bettina, as it was endorsed by the good Rev himself lol !

  3. "She and her family had often been woken by something dragging the blankets off their beds..."

    I'd always wondered who'd owned our cat before he moved in with us.

  4. Pfft, you think us mere humans deserve blankets before felines, Brian ?!