Monday, April 28, 2008

Trivial History April 28

A chilly good morning to all who are dipping their toes outside the warm blankets on this frosty

1442 King Edward IV of England was pupped....BUT!
Documents since found prove he was illegitimate, making Michael Abney-Hastings, a forklift driver in NSW, Or-Stray-Lia, the rightful heir to the throne. Read article HERE.

1772 The goat who twice circumnavigated the world passed into the great blue beyond only 2 days after it had been granted a State pension by the British Parliament, which started the trend to give all goats politicians a pension.

Ghost spot-
An old Edwardian house that once looked onto the Caulfield racetrack was the home of the ghost of the original owner's daughter. Rumour has it that she passed away from Rheumatic Fever as a young adult and continued to spend sunny days in the flower garden.

1795 Charles Sturt was hatched, an Aussie explorer who did something important like proving all the westward flowing creeks all ended up in the Murray River. Or something.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Tie brightly coloured garden twine to the handles of garden tools. That way. if they're left lying near leaves or grass clippings, they will be more easily found.

1923 Tired of using their broomsticks to cross the harbour, work began on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

1928 Melbourne's Comedy Theatre opened it's doors just for laughs, on the corner of Lonsdale and Exhibition Streets, the site of the former Olympic Theatre from 1855.

Wandering gold prospector Russian Jack became famous for the record load he carried on his wheelbarrow as he moved from gold field to gold field in the 1860's.
Making his way from Perth he carried tinned meat, mining equipment, a 22 litre drum of water, a bag of flour, baking powder, sugar, tea and clothes. He helped out 2 distressed miners by carrying their loads as well and, finally, he propped a sick man on top of the barrow, too.

1963 The wreck of the Dutch ship Vergulde Draeck, lost in 1656, was found by divers approx. 95 km north of Perth. So you can stop looking now.

Miss Ed Ma Kate Shun's Elucidations-
Have a cooking day once per week for the kids to become familiar with measuring, weighing and baking food. Starting with basics, teach them to judge the contents of the fridge or pantry to make an easy soup and go on from there.

1987 Dick Smith was a clever little dicky bird when he became the first person to reach the North Pole by helicopter (Santa's sleigh doesn't count).

1994 Melbourne's free City Circle tram service was launched and God bless all who sail in her.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Campfire Trout.
Catch the trout.
Gut, scale and wash it, wrap in kitchen foil with garlic, butter, chives and lemon juice smeared all over it.
Place on the edge of the campfire on top of hot coals; turn after 15 mins.
Check if cooked - the flesh should be falling off the bones - and serve with baked spuds.


  1. "King Edward IV of England was pupped."

    Royalty isn't pupped. People just spit on the wall and they hatch out.

  2. Another good reason why people should refrain from expectorating in public!