Sunday, April 6, 2008

Trivial History April 6

Wonderful Sunday morning salutations to all you good bodies behind monitors!

648 BC The Ancient Greeks had,obviously, finished preparing the souvlakis and salads when they lay back in their hammocks with a tinny and noticed a solar eclipse, which they jotted down in their dairies.

1644 The British Parliament, who'd been sucking on lemons and practicing their cat's bum face-pulling for some time, out-lawed Maypoles. Yep, Maypoles. Maypoles were "a Heathenish vanity, generally abused to superstition and wickedness".
To which we may all now reply " sit on it and twist".

1830 The rot set in with William Hamilton becoming Australia's first full-time paid bank manager. Can't these buggers simply do the job for the love of rolling in the currency, why do we have to pay them for the privilege?

Water from an artesian well at Tinneburra, near Cunnamulla, Qld is hot enough to scald skin but takes longer to boil than a pot of cold water.

1864 Anthony Fernando, one of the earliest Aboriginal activists, was born. He picketed, protested and traveled widely around the world on behalf of all aborigines. Whether you agree with his actions or not, his was a fascinating life which you can read HERE and HERE.

1895 The North Gregory Hotel in Winton, Qld, was the scene of a little known tune by Banjo Paterson making its public debut - Waltzing Matilda.

Ghost spot-
The ruins of the Johnburg Hotel, in South Oz, hold the spirits of those who celebrated noisily at the pub from many decades earlier. Several different witnesses, who camped near the ruins, tell of being woken to the noise of rocks being thrown on the pub's tin roof, stockwhips cracking and men's voices cheering.

1896 Ummm ahhh....The opening of the modern Olympic Games, in Athens, blatantly flouted the ban imposed on the Games 1,500 years earlier by Roman Emperor Theodosius I. Tsk tsk.

1932 Captain Francis de Groot was not the Messiah, he was just a very naughty boy who got a slap on the wrist in the shape of a fine when he fronted court for having miffed Premier Jack Lang by stealing his thunder when he slashed the ribbon to open the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Check and change your smoke alarm batteries. Also, with a second person, set the alarm going and have the other person in the bedrooms of sleeping family members to check if the alarm will waken them. Consider moving the existing smoke alarm or installing one closer to the bedrooms if they don't waken quickly.

1946 Tuck your petticoat into your knickers and run like the wind, Muriel! A city store in Melbourne was swamped by people rushing in to buy the first sardines and beer available since 1939.

1991 World cricket record making Bill Ponsford finished his innings. Read about Bill HERE.

Grandma Mehitabel's menu-
Bacon Mince Rolls.
Mix 500-700 gms mince meat in a bowl with 1 large onion finely chopped, 2 teaspoons mixed herbs, 4 teaspoons parsley, seasoning to taste and 1 teaspoon of nutmeg.
Add 3 tablespoons milk to moisten and, using the palm of your hand, mould the mix into patties.
Wrap a bacon rasher around each and secure with a toothpick.
Bake in a shallow dish in a moderate oven for 45 mins- 1 hour, serve with steamed spuds in their jackets, peas, beans and baby carrots.


  1. "1644 The British Parliament, who'd been sucking on lemons and practicing their cat's bum face-pulling for some time, out-lawed Maypoles."

    They keep trying that one on. It never lasts long. Tony Blair even tried to ban the whole of May Day a few years back (the religious pratt), attempting to replace it with the 'Princess Diana Memorial Day'. Everyone just ignored him, thankfully.

    Let's see...on the one hand there's beer and Maypoles and beer and morris dancing and beer and May Queens and beer and fairgrounds and beer and parades and music and beer...and on the other there's standing around dressed in black looking miserable about some dead inbred bint.

    Can't understand why the Great British public stuck with tradition.

  2. Oddspot. Sort of the opposite, half an hour after making one cup of coffee with boiling water and one with very hot tap water, the boiling water coffee will be cooler than the tap water coffee. Scientifically proven by my late step brother at 4 Keith Av, Moe, 1975.

  3. as always informative and entertaining!

  4. When you put it like that Brian, it's surely a case of mass public confusion :P

    Hope you've documented it in triplicate with umpteen caffeine addicts, Andrew!

    Thanks, Kelley but The Tribe still think I'm ready to be traded in for a playstation :P