Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Trivial History April 8

The Spouse fell off the ladder into the pear tree yesterday; pear tree and partridge were unharmed although The Spouse has sustained bruising to his ego.
Guess who's not climbing heights to prune the fruit trees today?!

1817 Mary Reibey had a spare sitting room gathering dust in her house at Macquarie Place so a gaggle of Sydney merchants, with a nod and a wink from Gov Macquarie himself, started the Bank of NSW from her parlour. It changed its moniker to Westpac in 1982.

Fearing that actress Nellie Stewart might be overcome by heat in a country town, organisers of a show she was appearing in during the 1880's gave her a large meat cooler to sleep in.

1826 Tired of reading tram timetables by torchlight, the first street lamp in Oz sprung to life in Macquarie Place, Sydney.

1854 The Victorian Legislative Council actually agreed on something, and with someone, when Robert Hoddle came up with the idea to plonk the new Parliament House on the corner of Spring and Bourke Sts.

Ghost spot-
An old house in Maleny, Qld, has an upper floor that is called home by a small blue man who giggled and chatted with children and, later, adults for 2 brief weeks.

1865 The Fashion Designers Felons Apprehension Act was passed with the porridge in NSW, which allowed clothing designers bushrangers to be proclaimed outlaws and shot on sight.

1907 Wireless communication from ship to ship was used for the brand spanking first time in Aussie waters when the German mail steamer Breman ordered another slab for the crew told HMS Encounter of her ETA in Sydney.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
Save accidents on ladders and invest in telescopic handed pruning shears; the money you spend on them is only a small amount compared to the pain of the plants injured by the falling human and the bruised ego you will need to massage afterwards.

1918 The Repatriation Dept was born; once soldiers were demobbed all efforts at their rehab and return to civilian life was the responsibility of the still over-worked, under-funded and under-valued Repat Dept.

1925 A joint British-Australian Govt initiative (in other words they were all on the sauce together when they thought it up) was pupped to give Brits cheap loans to hump their bluey from the Old Dart to the sunny climes of Oz.

1930 The Brisbane (or Brissy to Lord Sedgwick) Town Hall was crowned with a bottle of champers and bless all who sail in her.

Miss Ed Ma Kate Shun's Elucidations-
Try and get the kids to perform sports or a physical activity first thing before class starts in the morning. The activity helps burn off excess energy but increases circulation to the brain and helps kids focus on schoolwork.

1933 Westralia held a knees up that became a bun fight when it voted, by referendum, itself off the island of Or-stray-lia and wanted to become another country all on its lonesome. Sadly, the British House of Commons rejected this, saying they had to phone a friend and have the whole country vote it out of the Boot Camp. Thus, to this day, we are subjected to the West Coast Eagles...if only WA was allowed to secede!

1965 The Sound of Music began assaulting our ears when it became lodged in the British music charts for 362 weeks before someone thought to use a broom to solve a problem like Marrrrr-iaaa.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Brussels Sprouts Stir Fry.
When Brussels Sprouts are in season (and cheap) but fussy eaters refuse to try them, hide them in stir frys and casseroles in place of others green vegies.
Finely chop Brussels Sprouts, onions, carrots and celery; toss into a saucepan with a teaspoon of oil and season to taste.
Let simmer for 30 mins, stirring often , then add 1 chopped plum and 1 teaspoon chicken stock powder.
Toss in 1 cup of boiled (cold) rice you prepared earlier and mix through. Serve with meat of choice.


  1. As long as a bruised ego was the only injury he got off pretty lightly I would say!

  2. There were a couple of lumps and bumps not usually found in the human anatomy class but a wave of the Band-Aid wand fixed them lol ;)

  3. She's sharp on the uptake,Andrew lol ;)