Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Trivial History April 9

Having bought one of those handled telescopic pruning shears thingies, The Spouse and I have run amok amidst the fruit trees, giving them drastic haircuts whilst having our feet firmly (and safely) planted on terra firmaexclaim

1731 The War of Jenkin's Ear began. Who'd have thunk a pickled ear could cause so much havoc? Click HERE for details.

1830 Eadweard Muybridge, the clever clogs who proved, with photography, that a horse has all 4 legs off the ground at some point during every stride, was pupped in England.
Eadweard's other claim to fame is, after a head injury, he attended a social gathering where he did a nasty mischief to his wife's lover with a gun. Ouch.
Read more about his experiments with the camera - and his prowess with a pistol- HERE.

A Christchurch, NZ, factory sent the Duke Of Edinburgh 2 new pairs of swimming trunks in December 1981 after he wrote to tell them that a pair the factory presented to him in 1954 had finally worn out.

1865 Bushranger Dan "Mad Dog" Morgan - who didn't get his nickname from his petit point needlework - was shot dead at Peechalba Station near Wangaratta.

1867 Chris Watson, 3rd PM of Australia, was hatched. Read about this interesting chappie HERE.

Ghost spot-
Myrtleville, NSW, was where an inn once stood at which a wealthy landowner was staying when his wife's ghost appeared to him. Galloping for home at Camden he arrived to find that a convict his wife had been cruel toward had done a nasty mischief to her with an axe. While no one else ever saw the landowner's wife, the story was used to reinforce the wise adage of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

1896 Lord Lamington, who thought he'd appeal to the opposite sex by dunking himself in melted chocolate and rolling about in coconut, took up the challenge of being Qld's 8th Governor.

1896 Back to those first modern Olympics and our very own Teddy Flack shone once again when he blitzed the Men's 800 metres.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
To protect delicate shoes/shawls/scarves,etc, cut the legs from a pair of pantihose and slip the item inside. Take a wooden coathanger and screw small cup hooks into it, then hang the pantihose bag from the hooks, which is then hung in the wardrobe from the coat rail.
1909 Twinkle toes himself, Sir Robert Helpmann, was dropped off by the tutu-clad Bunyip of Mount Gambier. Read more about this world reknown dancer and choreographer HERE.

1929 A single man who gave sight back to over 1 million people, Fred Hollows, came into the world. Read more about this wonderful bloke HERE.

1997 Cambodia Daily newspaper came up with a solution for Britain's 11 million Mad Cows - ship them over to Cambodia and let them run detonate the approx. 11 million landmines scattered all over the country.

Grandma Mehitabels' Menu-
Roast Lamb with Stuffing.
Take 1 boned leg of lamb and into the cavity stuff a mixture of breadcrumbs, milk, seasoning, 1 finely chopped onion, mixed herbs and 1 cup of finely chopped pineapple pieces.
Roast in oven as usual and serve with lashings of gravy on baked vegies with mint sauce and white sauce.


  1. "...after he wrote to tell them that a pair the factory presented to him in 1954 had finally worn out."

    His butler probably couldn't be bothered prizing them off him.

  2. Mad dog was told very firmly to stay right near Yackandandah and chat with the police on a regular basis. But no he had to go off on a murderous robbing rampage. I bet the people of Yack didn't mind him absconding.

  3. The butler probably couldn't be bothered getting a new crowbar after breaking umpteen dozen trying to shoe-horn them off him,Brian :P

    Someone I think you're pretty close to the mark there, LiD ;)