Saturday, April 19, 2008

When we were very young.....

.....we travelled in style on our trains.

1972 on way to Belgrave.

1984 on way to Belgrave.

1974 near Foot-is-grey.

1980 South Melbourne station.

1976 Sandridge Bridge.

1973 en route to St Kilda.

Motor Inspection Car at Peterborough.

Walker railcar at Daylesford 1991.

1973 near Albert Park Station.

Whether your poison is a Red Rattler or a Blue Bullet, these trains had a style and class all of their own, which rather spoilt us for the ugly, hideous, revolting, unimaginative, cheap, nasty, vile, skanky lumps of metal trains that replaced them.


  1. I have heard of Walker rail cars. Must investigate.

  2. They popped up in 1948 and (I quote) -
    "They were used throughout the state but had a reputation for being rough riders"

  3. I remember being very, very stoked when I caught a train in Sydney with a 'red rattler' carriage attached :) Travelling in a wooden carriage - fun! That was in... '95 or so? Bit weird, now that I think about it. But there were some olllllld trains and carriages still in use then :-)

  4. And investigate I did. Three models, 102hp, 153hp and 280hp. The 102hp was an ugly brute and the 153hp, not much better. In fact the 280hp was also quite ugly. Function over form.

    I wouldn't have seen them around when I was a kid as our country line was electric. Odd that it is no longer electric.

  5. They were fun, hey Naomi? :)
    They had a sense of character that's missing from the current day trains.

    I've not come across them before yesterday, Andrew, but the one pictured is still in use on the Daylesford Tourist railway.
    The "central power unit" has me intrigued,sounds like the battery operated trams they tried to flog around Oz in the late 1880's.

  6. i remember the old blue trains in the '80s.. which were obviously a lot less crowded than today's trains given that we had no qualms about riding with the doors wide open even as the train hurtled over bridges and the like... Imagine that today with everyone crammed in like sardines! The red ones I think were a pretty rare species by that time though, I only remember them very vaguely.

    And interesting that pic of Sandridge Bridge in 1976, what was the building being built in the background, Collins Place?

  7. Yep the old Red Taits had pretty much disappeared by then but chugged along with room to move! and the doors wide open would spin people right out today lol.
    Yep, I think it's Collins Place being built, and those hideous gas & fuel towers are long gone now (yippee!).