Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bacon Brekkie

This is what happens!

It's all YOUR fault !!!

This is what happens when Brian starts waxing lyrical about bacon butties, when Kelley starts promising to be The Masked BBQ Avenger and when * Bettina almost chops her toes off with the axe.

The diet goes flying out of the kitchen window into a screaming heap while the former pig bits are sizzling in the pan beside my square egg.
Yes, it's square.
No, our chooks don't complain...much.

Cooking time - 5 mins.
Inhalation Eating time - 0.3 secs.

Now I could go some more......

* Bettina almost chopped her toes off = chops = yummy former sheep things one can gnaw on using fingers.
It was either that or the pink sausage allegory to her toes....razz


  1. Biatch. Now I want bacon....

  2. Mmmm...could do with a bit more butter though. And a few fried mushrooms.

  3. Ahhh good ...the bacon craving has been spread around :P

    Mushrooms in butter sauce were part of our tea tonight lol :P
    Remind me again exactly why you misplaced your gall bladder, Brian ?

  4. Is it Bacon and Eggs or Eggs and Bacon. The order is very important.

  5. Jayne,

    I had my gallbladder removed so that I could squeeze in a bit more food.

  6. Tis anything except stone cold and rubbery, Reuben lol ;)

    There's always one last bacon butty to fit in ;)

  7. Nothing is ever my fault so if my tragic accident has triggered cravings in your then that is also the PSLS's fault ;)


  8. OK, another good reason to use your fire fightin' safety boots on his wiggly butt :P

  9. ha ha - one upping you here with home made English muffins - preparation time 2 hours, eating time 10 minutes satisfaction rating off the scale...

  10. I love bacon and egg but BBQ sauce only tomato if we run out . Drooling now !
    oh the muffins too .. stop me.