Sunday, May 25, 2008

Book Reviews

As promised I've posted some reviews.

Beechworth Sketchbook

The Generations of Men

Island In The Sun

The Lawsons

Alien Son

Reminiscences of Early Dandenong

A Beer with Bob Burkett

Flying Doctor

The Alice - The Story of Alice Springs

Gateways to Gold


The Art of The Engine Driver

Australian Zen

Wandering Girl

The Antipodes Observed


Brian Hughes said...

I've read all them. How about reviewing some of these?

Jayne said...

I keep telling ya - I'm slowly nagging my local librarians into an early retirement until they buy the books,seriously!

Brian Hughes said...

Tell 'em to dump all those Shakespeare and Dickens books to make room.

Jayne said...

Well, I did suggest the Mills & Boon could finally have a purpose as fire starters this winter but I got some funny looks from them...