Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ethical and Earth-Kind Op Shop EEKOS

It's a little late for the grand opening, I know, but this new op shop looks like a fantastic venture I hope many of you will check out and browse through!

Green Collect and Baptcare have partnered to recently launch a new ‘ethical and earth-kind op shop’ (eekos) in Brunswick. EEKOS promotes sustainable purchasing through offering reused, recycled, local, fair-trade and environmentally friendly products, including:
* 100% recycled content copy paper and stationery
* fair-trade sport balls, sneakers, tea, coffee and chocolate
* bric a brac, pre-loved clothing, toys and books
* environmentally friendly cleaning products and body care *

318 Victoria St, Brunswick, Vic 3056, ph: (03) 9387 5926

Found in Sustainable Melbourne and I Op Therefore I Am.


  1. Sounds freaking awesome!

    Will check it out next time I am down Melbourne way.

  2. I bought some recycled loo roll once. No...seriously. It was like using sandpaper. Still, it was cheap, it was good for the enivornment and my bottom was shiny for a whole week afterwards.

  3. Excellent Kelley :)

    Ahhhh so you're the reason why everyone was blinded during the last full moon, Brian :P

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for mentioning our new environmentally-friendly op shop!

    There's an article about the eekos op shop on our website.