Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Growing Challenge Chapter 6

Here is today's harvest from the backyard - pumpkin, beans, tangelos, some tomatoes, silverbeet and a lime.
These are all for dinner for The Tribe tonight, along with some home grown parsley for the parsley sauce, basil and curry leaves for flavouring.

The garden is topsy turvy with the cold but dry weather.
The recent rainfall has boosted the seeds I planted insitu 2 Sundays ago - all year lettuce, leeks, okra, silverbeet (can never have enough of that sturdy plant!), more tomatoes (yes, I'm overly optimistic), pak choy, celery, broccoli and cauliflower.

I found some out-of-date sushi seaweed sheets in the pantry - these were soaked in tank water for a few hours then dug into the garden with the new seeds planted on top. This great fertiliser has boosted an almost 100% germination of this sowing (touch wood!).

I cheated and bought a few seedling plants from my favourite plant lady at our local Sunday market - Rainbow chard (multi-coloured silverbeet), celery, English spinach and pak choy. These were planted out in the bean garden bed as they are heavy feeders and love the nitrogen beans feed back into the soil.
Also some cauliflower, tomato and squash seedlings I'd started from seed in the greenhouse were
popped into spots around the vegie garden beds.

I had a packet of broad beans that spilled through the long grass last Spring; we now have broad beans going great guns in the lawn!
The marigolds I'd planted last Spring as companion plants for the tomatoes have decided to start earning their upkeep and are merrily flowering away, as are the zucchini (3 small baby fruit so far!) and the unkillable pumpkin vines.


  1. I take it you don't live near a decent grocers?

  2. The broomstick was out of action :P