Friday, May 9, 2008

The Growing Challenge Episode Four

This week, in our riveting garden saga, one vegie bed of beans is being tormented by a pest that's cannilbalising them while they struggle to produce luscious fresh beans.
The army of 1 (me) has fought valiantly with dissolved pure soap and garlic powder in the watering can, which seems to be slowing the enemy but the continued dry spell is on their side.

The fennel, a new contender in the garden this year, is proving to be a winner with the Lady of The House; in it's strong but silent type of behaviour the fennel has boomed without any complaint or fuss required.

The curry bush, slapped in beside the beans, silverbeet and broccoli, is slowly pottering along, sending it's roots ever deeper into the rich manured soil and scenting the air with the delicious spice that makes one yearn for a curry dinner.

Some soluble fertiliser was splashed around the place this morning; the new tomato,broccoli,zucchini, Brussells Sprouts and I've-forgotten-what-seeds-they-are seedlings (that were shoved into the garden last week), seem to be doing what they're supposed to, IE growing, while the rocket drapes it's leaves over them to protect them from any frost.

Some self-seeded silverbeet plants were spied on this morning's reconnaissance mission, the seed having fallen from the previous season's 8 foot tall silverbeet that had been let off it's leash and allowed to run amok. This has proven to be a wise plan of attack and will be copied again later this year.

A half of a cabbage, that had been forgotten in the back of the fridge, was about to be sacrificed to the Compost Gods several weeks ago when we noticed it was sprouting. Sitting it on top of the soil in one of the vegie gardens has produced 5 sprouting cabbage plants, to date, with some more beginning to erupt. Not a bad investment for a 50 cent cabbage half!


  1. "Some soluble fertiliser was splashed around the place this morning..." too. Must have been those sausages I ate last night.

  2. Ahhh, too much Ecky Thump practice at dinner, Brian ?

  3. Certainly too much Ecky Thump after dinner. I'd always wondered how blackpuddings were manufactured.

  4. I'm fighting white cabbage butterflies at the moment. We are putting out lots of eggshells to see if that scares them off.

  5. It's a lost art, Brian :P

    Oooo, I haven't heard of that one Bettina. I've heard snails loathe crossing eggshells and they add extra calcium to the soil, so I'll scare the chooks into laying again and give it a go ;)