Friday, May 2, 2008

The Growing Challenge Number 3

So far this week I've managed to kill ... nothing (touch wood)..but the week aint over, yet!

The choko's I planted back in March have sprouted and out of the 4, 3 are doing great with one trying to take over the world in record time.
This is the first time I've tried growing choko's and they're proving to be pretty hardy and easy to grow.

The apricot tree, planted as bare-rooted stock last August, got the top chopped out of it to keep it at a manageable height, while the Granny Smith, Nashi, pear and plum trees have all been given a good pruning, too.

The Tangelo tree has quite a few nice looking fruit growing and the lime tree is budding some more, although there are signs of gall wasp in the lime so I shall be getting out my trusty garden knife to split open the stems to scrape out the gall wasp larvae.
I heard about this method as an alternative to cutting branches off completely, especially when the gall wasp infestation is located further down on a well established branch.

I planted out some more tomato and broccoli seedlings today. I know it's the wrong season for the tom's but they sprouted in the greenhouse and needed to go out into the garden so if they manage to keep their heads tucked under the rocket (aka arugula) they should toughen up to survive the frosts.

The 3rd compost heap is back in use with the cool weather slowing the bacterial break-down in the 2 main compost bins, although the wormies will be loving all the leaf litter and shredded newspaper.

The colder months might slow things down in the garden but there's still plenty to keep me out of mischief!


  1. "...there are signs of gall wasp in the lime..."

    You want to sort them out before you start suffering from gallstones.

  2. A little laparotomy never hurt man nor lime tree ;)

  3. If 'laparotomy' is the posh name for a gallbladder operation, I'll have to disagree with you there Jayne. It bloomin' well 'urt when I had mine done. Mind you, it was my own fault for using a piece of string, a doorhandle and attempting to perform the operation myself.

  4. And I'm assuming there was a blunt butter knife in use, too ? :P