Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hot Hunk Thursday

Widdle Shamrock brings you Hot Hunk Thursday once again and I'm sharing in the eye candy love fest with my man-pet love slave, pictured below.

The Spouse is celebrating his birthday with a dead rose between his teeth and a tired wrapping bow on his head...pretty much how he's feeling after traipsing all over Melbourne on errands from his ever- nagging-lovin' wife as he ages yet another year towards senility maturity.


  1. What a lovely, funny, sexy Hunk :D
    And you should give him a break on his birthday and do something else with him than letting him run errands ;)

    Happy belated birthday :)!

  2. Add a collection of random letters and numbers to the bottom of that photograph and you've got yourself a serial killer.

  3. Sooooo did he get out the horse whip again !!!!!

    Happy Hunkie birthday to the kitty litter cleaner.

  4. He does look cute! And slave like.
    Mmmm...slave like. I have a slave and his name is Dave! :)

  5. lol!!

    Happy Birthday to your hot hunk!

  6. Thanks all.
    Brian, you get the kitty litter cleaning duties for a year now :P

  7. Jayne,

    I'll add them to the bottom of the long list of kitty duties I already have.

  8. I'm late again but Happy Birthday to your hubby. Hope he had a great day!