Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hot Hunk Thursday

Yes boys and girls, tis another Hot Hunk Thursday to warm the cockles of your hearts (as well as other parts of your anatomy!) courtesy of lusty lass Widdle Shamrock.I'm a sucker for David Ten-Inch Tennant, the current incarnation of Doctor Who, who can wield his sonic screwdriver in my direction any time or just read the back of a Cornflakes packet in his Scottish brogue to me down the phonerazz
Pictured with the delicious Doctor is John Simm who played the Arch Nemesis of the gorgeous good Doctor, The Master, in the last series and Sam Tyler in the fantastic time travel series Life On Mars.
Oh the choices to be had in this one picture!twisted


  1. I'm so becoming a Dr. Who fan now. :)

    Excellent choice.

  2. Ooo oooo ooooo! I almost picked him for my HHT this week... until I got distracted by other sights!
    He is indeed a wee hottie. :)

  3. OOO Dr Who, show us ya Tardis !!!!!

    I like him. He is a bit quirky and slimy in Harry Potter, much much nicer in Dr Who.

    BTW, it doesn't take much to distract Martha. Just say DAVID BOREANZ!!!!!

  4. John Simm used to live just up the road from me. Apparently. And he went to the same college that I did. (Well, I thought I'd better leave some sort of comment that wasn't covered in drool.)

  5. Drooling over Fleetwood is my secret sin.

    Lying is my second.

  6. Yes, excellent choice - the old Dr just didn't cut it for me.

  7. Join the geeks as we salivate over the Tardis, Anja :P

    Great taste Martha, I'll share him with you lol.

    Nearly posted a pic of him in his kilt for you Nikki, and we all know what a proper Scotsman wears under his kilt ...:P

    And you didn't net him for our collection, Brian?! For shame!

    So long as you bring the Bombay Blue, J, you can air all of your sins :P

    Tennant is a nice addition to the Gallifrey pin up gallery, Trish - sure beats John Pertwee and Sylvester McCoy!

  8. "Drooling over Fleetwood is my secret sin.
    Lying is my second."

    Witchy's right...she doesn't make any secret about her lust for my perfectly formed body at all. (Mind you, she's always had a thing about sealions and whales and stuff.)

  9. Perfectly formed.... by a cockeyed blind old gnome from the backgarden pond, Brian ? :P

  10. mmmmm. I love me some Doctor.
    I used to have a crush on Tom Baker, when I was little

  11. Well, hello there gentleman!

    I haven't watched much dr who since I broke up with the arse and stopped getting advance episodes from him. Methinks a trip to blockbuster is in order...

  12. I thought Tom Baker rocked, Tiff :)

    Miss Diarist, you have no idea how much action you've missed!