Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Name That ...

Thing !

Hints for this week's Thing are -
  • This would commonly be found on a dining table.
  • It would be part of a set and they were usually found at each table setting as a pair.
  • They are no longer used these days.
  • This Thing was commonly made out of silver, pewter, crystal, glass, pottery, mother of pearl and any other material the Victorians could lay their hands on.
  • Their job was to keep the linen tablecloth clean.

Have as many guesses as you like!
No prizes, just the allowance to do the clever clogs tango around the place for 5 mins whilst grinning like the cat who stole the cream, with your name, and that of your blog, in the winners list in my sidebar.

Jeanie got it - it's a knife rest.
Congrats, you may now strut your smug smirk in front of all for 5 mins flat!
Well done to all, the next Name That...Thing competition will be posted next Tuesday.


  1. A wing wong for a goose's bridle!

    Sorry, that about all I could come up with... one of my Dad's favourite sayings! This looks like something you might poke into the end of something to hold it when it is hot?? For a roast or something?? Clearly I have no idea!

    Thanks so much for adding me to your favourites! I am honoured...



  2. Is it a knife rest?

    It looks rather dangerous, actually, so it may have been used to threaten out of hand guests and stop them from spilling blood (or plug them when the threat didn't work and they needed to be plugged!)

  3. Bryan Hughes gets Smart Arse of the Day Award.

    First you need a butler if you are going to use those kinds of things.