Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Name That ...

Hints this week are -
  • This is used by certain trades for a particular material.
  • This particular thing was - and still is - used by a trade not usually associated with this particular material.
  • It is wooden so, obviously, it wouldn't be used in the same way as a metal hammer.
  • If you wanted your house to be water-tight you would have hoped the tradesman would have one of these in his/her kit!
You know the usual rules -
Have as many guesses as you like, no prizes but the right to grin triumphantly for 5 mins while telling everyone what a smarty-pants you are...and your name and blog listed in the Winners list in my sidebar.

Andrew has it!
It is a doming mallet, used by plumbers for bending and shaping lead work.
Well done to all who had a go and Andrew may flash his pearly whites at us as he grins like the cat who got the cream mrgreen


  1. Just a guess. To shape lead flashing on roofs and gutters.

  2. Andrew beat me to it - exactly what I was going to say

  3. This one's easy. It's a metal ruler.

    No idea what that wooden thing is next to it though.

  4. I think it is the perfect possum boinker.

  5. Ahhh late again but I wouldn't have been able to guess this either. Have you heard about "The Melbourne Story" exhibition at The Museum? It looks like it is going to be very interesting.

  6. dammit woman! I am always late. But I was going to say a condom shaper so wouldn't have won any how...

  7. LOL Jeanie, I like that idea!

    Yep, LiD, been meaning to pop along to see it, thanks for reminding me :)

    Ummm....I'd hate to see the type of condoms you use, Kelley!!!!!!