Monday, May 5, 2008

A Secret For You...

I'm knackered.
Only slightly.
After a 6km hike up hill and down dale I've rediscovered muscles I'd forgotten ever existed in my legs, let alone my nursing anatomy text book that doubles as a door stop these days.
I played packhorse and carried a pack containing the thermos of (beautiful, hot, black, sweet) tea, thermos of (yummy) soup, sandwiches, changes of clothes and various bits and bobs no woman - or mother- leaves home without.
I impressed myself - I didn't fall arse over head on the slippery, wet, muddy single file track, not even once!
Yes, I can hear Brian muttering that I should try harder next timerazz

The fungi trip was worth every little ache; massive rainforest trees reaching up into the canopy all covered in ferns and moss of every description, fungi of every shade and shape under the sun and a freshness of air not available to anyone living within cooee distance of Melbourne suburbs.
The silence was such a change on the old ear drums; it's been an age since I've spent a day without the constant background drone of cars and boy was it damn nice!

The muscle ache isn't as bad as I thought it would be for a heffalump impersonating an ever-hibernating bear such as I.
And it's a good ache, a "wow you did some exercise beyond walking to the kitchen to refill your tea cup" muscle twinge.
But I am listening to The Spouse and not trying to leap tall buildings in a single bound today....he can do the big shop at the wholesalers with my Dad and take Feral Beast for his paediatrician's appointment.
So long as they get those yummy triple chocolate choc chip bikkies for me to pack on our next trip while I exercise my ever-widening arse in my chair with another cuppa refill, it's alllll goooood mrgreen


  1. 'The fungi trip.....'. Ah, what memories of the eighties.

  2. "Yes, I can hear Brian muttering that I should try harder next time..."

    Not after Michelle took a tumble on the stupid slate pavingstones we have in Fleetwood yesterday. She's still hobbling around this morning and she's nicked my walking stick now.

    Interesting new look to the site, incidentally. I couldn't find the comments box for a while there...

  3. Didn't know you were such a fun guy, Andrew (boom boom) :P

    Ouch! I hope she's feeling better soon, Brian!
    Still fiddling with it, damn thing is keeping me from cooking tea...gee, what a hardship ;)

  4. I only heard about it Jayne. I can read your blog now, with only computer glasses on and not closing one eye and squinting through reading glasses.

  5. Ahhh ok, Andrew.
    Still faffing about with it, some fine tuning will keep me out of mischief and off the streets today and probably tomorrow ;)
    Glad it's easier on your eyes now, you should have said something before!