Wednesday, May 7, 2008

She Who MUST Be Obeyed

This is She Who MUST Be Obeyed aka Tara.
She was 6 weeks old in a cardboard box at the Bendigo Market being flogged off with her sister and brother for $20 each waaaaay back in 1992.
I bought her when I was still with my *gag* ex-hubby.
For a man who took the whole 40 weeks of a pregnancy to find a name for his offspring, he named the puppy inside 10 mins of eyeballing her.

She never grew much, staying smaller than a Corgi and fooling everyone into thinking she is a German Shepherd puppy, even today.

She was hit by a car due to the ex leaving the gate open.
She got up the duff with the big, brutal pig dog from over the paddocks due to the ex leaving the gate open.
She was kicked by the neighbour's horse when she got into the next paddock due to the ex leaving the gate open
Have you noticed a pattern yet...?
I did nail a "Shut The Bloody Gate" sign to the gate but somehow I think I'd have had a better result nailing it to the ex's forehead.

She guarded the kids and I when we were in the house alone, in the middle of nowhere, late at night when odd bods would knock at the door.
She guarded me when the ex came home, late and totally unexpected, one night, from a work-related education lecture. She refused to let him in the bedroom, let alone in his own bed.
That dog always had good taste....

Having a barney with the ex one day, which was becoming the norm, Tara sat quietly at our feet, unnoticed, until the ex started getting into my face.
He lifted his finger and started wagging it right under my nose.
Tara was not impressed and gave him the Care Bear Stare of Doom.
Tara gave him fair warning with her growls and snarls.
The ex moved his foot near her.
Tara leapt up and snapped her iron-like jaws on the ex's testicles.
Tara didn't want to let go.
The ex wasn't happy with my poor efforts at not giggling for some reason.
He was even further incensed when he caught me giving her the chops he'd planned to have for tea that night.
Tara merely gave him the Care Bear Stare of Doom again, which shut him up.
I'm sure the tet-tox and stitches did nothing to improve his temper, either.

These days Tara is 16, riddled with arthritis, has had major surgery to remove cancer and is nearly blind but she can still perform the Vulcan Mind Meld with just her Care Bear Stare of Doom to get her 2 legged slaves to do as she demands.
And, of course, she will always have my unquestioned devotion.

And she still snarls at the ex when he, very infrequently, comes to our front door - which he makes certain is securely locked between Tara and



    Love it. Great dog. Worth every cent ;-)

  2. She's a lovely old girl, with a beautiful face.

    She deserves a steak dinner for tearing into the ex's nads.

    Yep, she's a good old girl.

  3. My cat would have her for lunch.

  4. We tell her that everyday, Naomi and Anja ;)

    Very probably, Brian lol.

  5. Nice looking dog. Wisdom in her eyes. 16 hey. But small. Maybe a few years yet. Most horrible thing to experience.

  6. Dog's always recognise snakes......... even the ones in human clothing

  7. I love her exploits too - what a smart dog.

  8. Thanks Andrew,hoping for a few more yet.

    They say animals and children sense these things, Bettina ;)

    She's a grand old girl, Trish lol ;)

  9. I agree - a fantastic dog!!

  10. Dogs are the best judges of character, I think.
    Good girl, Tara.