Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Spouse's Blog

If you haven't noticed the extra link up the top beside that of Feral Beast's, then you haven't yet explored the weird and wonderful blog of The Spouse's View Of The World.
This a collection of random photos he takes of anything that takes his fancy and are FREE for anyone to download and use.
Right click and save the pics to your hard drive.
There are usually 2 posts per day of new photos.
Hopefully The Spouse will upload the gargoyle photos he took yesterday as I'm rather partial to the odd gargoyle or 2 - hence our successful marriage lolrazz


  1. Bwaaahaaahaaa! I *love* gargoyles. Do we have some in Melbourne? (other than your spouse, of course, since it would be rude to stare.) I spent hours outside the Cologne Cathedral getting a crick in my neck because that's a cathedral that really goes to town with vomiting grotesquely. There's something very satisfying about that. Anyway, how lovely to have free photos available. Not much use to me so far since this computer won't upload photos, let alone show them to me in the first place. So I will go and have a gander next time I have the appropriate equipment.
    And tell FB I was chuffed to get a special mention on his latest post. Equipment dysfunction has prevented me leaving a comment there. I might try and get to an internet cafe soon.

  2. There's heaps on the old churches around Melb, Hilary, some really grim old things leering down on passers-by lol.
    Ahh ok, I'll let him know ;)
    It's a great book by the way, I enjoyed it immensely :)