Saturday, May 17, 2008

Too Splendid

Anonymum has started another rolling post titled Too Splendid and began the mayhem with herself, followed by Lightening, JavaQueen, Evyl then Anja.
My addition will be in italics.

Too Splendid.

The sun was orange as it set against the ocean.
As Natalie walked along the beach, she felt the sting of tears as they sprung to her eyes. How could he do this to her? What would she do now?
She had invested 12 years of her life into their marriage, thinking they were happy, only to have him say he was leaving. Her question of why had been left unanswered. There was no explanation or reasons. He had merely looked at her sadly and walked out the door without so much as a backward glance………….

The sand felt cool against her hot face as her legs buckled and she surrendered her weary body to the comfort of the course sand. She curled up into a foetal position, her mind willing her body to simply evaporate. The darkness enveloping her was barely recognisable against the darkness that enveloped her heart. A darkness that had been slowly creeping in over the past decade. Somewhere in the distance, a baby cried…. a cry that tortured her heart with memories of a dim and distant past……

Alone in the sand Natalie couldn’t stop thinking what if. What if she had been able to have a child? If she could have given him that, would she be in this situation now? At one time they had been so happy. She had foolishly thought that they could make it work by just loving each other. Natalie had told him from the start that she might not be able to have children. Back then he just looked in her eyes and said the only thing that mattered is that they had each other. Why had she believed him? Now, after twelve years of marriage she was all alone. They had tried for so many years to have a baby, but they never could. She had been through seven miscarriages and had given up hope. Now her husband had left her. She felt empty inside. If only he had known the truth.

It was all a lie. No that wasn’t quite right. There was nothing false about the love at least not for Natalie. Yet the long nights lieing against Brad after the loving exchange of heated passion, whispering softly of the hopes and dreams of the sweet pitter-patter of small feet treading through the carpeted halls of a loving home. The faked faked miscarraiges were not something that Natalie was proud of but it had been her last resort at maintaining a thin veneer over the stained lies that haunted their relationship. For though in her heart, soul, and mind, Natalie was one hundred percent woman, Natalie was born Ned. Yet, how could she have told Brad the truth. For Ned and Brad had been best friends in grade school. Playing catch at the ball park, racing bicycles down the quiet suburban streets, camping in the backyard until that fateful day, when everything changed.

Natalie stared at her perfect breasts in the mirror. That surgeon was worth his weight in gold. She was every man’s dream - beautiful, successful, able to strip an engine faster than any man, but she was missing that one thing - a uterus. Natalie thought she had given Brad everything he wanted. She knew what men wanted in bed; she knew that men liked hot sex, cold beer and sport on the tube. Who was better to know what a man wanted than someone who had spent half of their life as a man, and her husband’s best friend. Life was wonderful until that barbecue with the new neighbours. Curse that little baby with her gummy grin and corn flower blue eyes. Natalie knew their lives would hit a road block when Brad said “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had one of our own?” Natalie could do everything for a man, be everything for a man, apart from one thing… a mother.

Natalie knew there was one last trump card to play, although it was going to be a doozy -she would go back to her surgeon and discuss Changing Wombs. She decided that, after all these years trying to be the perfect woman for Brad, she'd like to experience that female condition with the roller coaster hormones, strange food cravings, sleep deprivation, painful boobs, constant toilet stops and be able to scare the bejebus out of other mums at Playgroup with her own horror birth story. Her surgeon had offered the optional plumbing in his original surgical assessment but Natalie had dismissed it, not considering for a minute that the sport-lovin' Brad she had her eyes on would succumb to natures tug on his goolies. Having kept several bucket loads of Brad's love juice on ice at a private storage facility proved the post-op turkey basting would not be a problem and could be a great surprise with which to win Brad back to her side. Natalie made her appointment, booked her ticket and was soon winging her way to motherhood.

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  1. Changing Wombs??
    LMAO....i near choked! well done!! i love it!
    will add it to the rest now..thanks honey...this is great!

  2. Brilliant !!!!!!!

    I am so enjoying reading this,

  3. This is rolling so well. Turkey basting, brilliant follow on.

  4. Oh the joys of womanhood! You have it in a nutshell. Talk about a story with twists! Or a twisted story. I keep on coming up with ideas about what my bit will be like and then someone writes their section and its back to the drawing board.

  5. lol at Changing wombs too - very intriguing .I was wondering how you would pull this off. Brilliant ficton.
    I can't wait to see Anja's climax !

  6. The things you can do with fiction eh??? LOL. Great addition to the plot (which is getting thicker by the minute). :)

  7. I thought I was reading FB's blog for a moment. I can see where he gets it from.

  8. Excellent Jayne - I love Changing Wombs too :) This just keeps getting better

  9. Thanks all but you should really follow up Bettina's addition to the story, it's a ripper! LMFAO !

  10. Wow, modern science is something, eh - you can swap out wombs. Too funny.
    Writer Chick (Annie)

  11. this is getting better and better.