Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trivial History May 1

Tis May Day and The Spouse is ancient, old, beyond carbon dating, prehistoric, an antique 41 today.
So I let him clean out the kitty litter trays as a treat...I know, I know, I'm just far too generous and kind hearted!
Then I sent him off, with birthday moolah, to get the digital camera he's been flirting with through the display window.

1802 Matthew Flinders climbed the You Yangs. Because they were there.

1821 The first periodical started publication, Australian Magazine, and started cluttering up the kitchen tables and outhouses of the colony.

1843 Seeing as the Bank of Australia failed dismally public confidence was on the nose and a rush started to withdraw the dosh from the Sydney Savings Bank.

Among the rules of the Swagman's Union were the conditions that no members were to be over 100 years old, they weren't allowed to carry swags that weighed more than 10 lbs and whenever they passed a farm they had to try to get some food and other handouts.

1846 As Tassie fielded far too many dancers in the So You Think You Can River Dance, You Convicts football match, convict transportation was suspended for 2 years as a penalty. No, seriously, it was!

1856 Victorian Railways, that once grand institution that ran the railed transport in Victoria, was born today when the govt took over the privately owned Melbourne, Mt Alexander and Murray River Railway Company (which only failed because no one could splutter the title quickly enough when answering the phone before callers would die of auditory exhaustion).

1889 The first official Anti-Chinese meeting was held at the Melbourne Town Hall.....Mayor John So must feel a little stab of relish and revenge every time he walks through those doors bwahahahahatwisted

Ghost spot-
In Mullewa, WA, a station owner had poisoned a sack of flour to "get rid" of the Aborigines who came to the farm on walkabout, asking for food. One day his wife, after baking many loaves, wanted to give some fresh bread to the Aborigines who came knocking but her husband stopped her whilst tucking into some fresh bread himself.
He dropped dead a short time later, the poison having taken it's time to work on him.
His spirit haunted the station for some years afterwards.

1893 Victorian Govt of the day announced a 5 day moratorium -which was a 5 day bank holiday - to let the banks consider their position. Position? How about strung up from a chandelier by their toes sound as a position?

1942 Townsville was put on invasion alert, with fears the Japanese were about to invade.

1946 Aboriginal stockmen throughout the Pilbara, Westralia, walk off the job in protest at their slave-like working conditions. If it wasn't good enough for a white bloke, why would it have been ok for anyone with black,yellow, purple or green coloured skin?

Miss Ed Ma Kate Shun's Elucidations-
Help the kids make an old fashioned washboard (some wood and a piece of corrugated mini-orb iron is needed) and let them try to wash clothes the way pioneers did over 100 years ago.

1981 Bass Strait was crossed by hot air balloon for the first time. Because they could.

1997 Pentridge Prison in Melbourne, better known as The Bluestone College, was closed after an infamous 147 year history. Now it's being remade by a different type of crim - the developer.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Surf 'n' Turf.
Grab some cheap skirt steak, slap some bacon rashers on it, throw in several prawns (topped and tailed), smear a little tartare sauce on top with some avocado. Wrap up and hold together with a toothpick and either cook in a frying pan, griddle or BBQ.
Serve on a bed of fresh green salad.


  1. LMFAO!!

    I'll have to remember that one about changing the kitty litter as a birthday treat!

    Happy Birthday to your man pet!!

  2. Oooooo, lucky Hubbie.

    Happy Birthday to your love slave.

  3. happy birthday to your Man ... that is a birthday treat I can't convince my DS though.

  4. Wow - washboards for laundry, eh? I always thought they were musical instruments ;-)

    Happy Birthday, Great Southern Hubby!

  5. "...whenever they passed a farm they had to try to get some food..."

    Even if they weren't hungry?

  6. Wow Birthdays are coming thick and fast this week!!

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  7. The Spouse said to say Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes....and for me to give him a break from the kitty litter duties next year :P