Sunday, May 11, 2008

Trivial History May 11

Happy Mother's Day to all you bootylicious, bodacious and beautiful mamas.
Having had bacon and eggs on toast delivered to me in bed by my adoring fans - The Spouse who is awed at my ability to reign control on The Tribe with a single Care Bear Stare of Doom look and The Feral Offspring who are just plain scared of The Wrath of The Queen Biatch- I am raring to go with some more book reviews, Lost & Found tram lines from country Victoria (maps and research courtesy of Google and Andrew) and some further pottering in the vegie garden to keep the The Tribe fed.

Mothering Sunday was celebrated in England for centuries, where servants would return home to give their mothers cakes and sweets. I'm still waiting....

Being the eve of May Day in the old style Julian Calendar, tis Witching Day on The Isle of Man, where the luantishees guard the Blackthorn trees and forbid any cutting of the tree on this day or November 11. So you Have Been Warned!

The Ancient Greeks would honour Rhea, Mother of the Gods, with honey cakes, fine wine and flowers at dawn...the wine at dawn sounds a tad much for brekkie in bed, but I'll take champagne!

1861 William Dymock, he what founded Dymock's Book Stores, was hatched. Read more about Bill the bookseller HERE.

In the Bible Sarah became a mother when she gave birth at age 90....there's a use by date on some things for a reason...

1892 That gorgeous British actress, Margaret Rutherford, who portrayed a very different Miss Marple, was born. Read more about this fantastic comedic actress HERE.

Ancient Egyptians believed that Bast was the mother of all cats and that they were sacred animals...fine, send Bast the blessed vet's bill then!

1899 Exciting stuffs happened like the NSW Army Nursing Service Reserve being founded...gee, more females looking after males...

Tuesday is the most popular day on which most babies are born...what, too many fetal parties to attend on every other night?

1926 Camp acerbic Aussie actor Frank Thring was found in the Bumyip patch. Read more about Frank HERE.

A female oyster can produce over 100 million offspring in her lifetime....if I come back as an oyster I'm having words with Buddha!

1949 Siam decided a change was as good as a holiday and thus changed it's name to Thailand.

A giraffe gives birth standing up so the baby faces a 6 foot for me! I bags giraffe over mollusc!

1978 The first Open Uni, Deakin, threw open it's doors for business near Geelong...anything to keep the youth of today off the streets and out of mischief...

Mother chimpanzees develop lifetime relationships with their offspring...nice to know we aren't the only species who's children keep moving back home after they're adults!

2001 Douglas Adams, the brilliant author who gave us The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, bid us So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish and left for The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe proving he had been Mostly Harmless but leaving us with The Salmon Of Doubt.


  1. care bare stare of doom........ You shall have to teach me this skill

    I have used the "don't f*ck with me right now" tone of voice with great success.

  2. My partner met Thring once. He was larger than life and very obvious. Theatrical should I say. Thring's large house in Toorak Road was only demolished a couple of years ago, now, you guessed it, apartments of the expensive variety.

  3. Bettina, when you can pull off the evil,chilling stare perfected by a Care Bear, you will have found your groove, grasshopper ;)

    I've heard Thring was on stage even when he was off ;)
    Doesn't surprise me about his house, more $ than good taste have moved into that suburb!