Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trivial History May 14

A stunning day to everyone - the sky is blue, the sun is shining, the air is cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey and the chooks have requested electric blankets for their hen house...what more could we ask for (except that the hens actually lay eggs again?).

Today is Underground America Day, celebrating everyone and everything that is underground.
Read more about Underground America Day HERE.

1814 Gov Macquarie offered an amnesty to all bushrangers in Van Diemen's Land if they surrendered before December 1st...coz the Apple Isle was simply bursting at the seams with the lawless buggers...or so popular rumour said.

Bernard Holtermann , a German immigrant, was so delighted when he found a 7 foot tall nugget of gold that he bought a North Sydney and had it fitted with a specially commissioned stained glass window portraying himself with the precious slab of gold.

1855 A branch of the Royal Mint opened in the Rum Hospital. This was not as bad as it sounds for the hospital was built on the trading of rum, not to treat the many inebriates who were cluttering up the streets.

1883 The govt, always liking their gossip, opened a telephone exchange in Adelaide. Careful, next thing you know they'll have their own blog too.....

Ghost spot-
In 1870 a father and son took up a lease of land in Emmet, in western Qld, without looking at it. Despite being warned by locals that it was totally dry, the pair continued on their journey but without sufficient water. The son arrived back at Emmet Downs homestead several days later, the father having disappeared in his search for water.
Many years later workers at Emmet Downs station started noticing a man wearing old fashioned clothes ride into the stable yard area then simply disappear. This spirit matches the description of the lost father.

1943 Aussie hospital ship, Centaur, was sunk by a Japanese sub off the south Qld coast. Read about the Centaur and the hopes of finding her HERE.

1969 The Oscar winning mother who pups babies then attends summit talks (wonder what she does for an encore?!) Cate Blanchett was found in the parsley patch. Read more about Cate HERE.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
To water-proof a headscarf (or other small, appropriate materials) lay the garment between 2 sheets of waxed paper and press with a hot iron. Always check and follow laundry instructions on garments beforehand.

1984 The $1 coin was tossed into circulation...and promptly lost down the back of the couch.

2004 Mary got hitched to Fred.

Madame Babooshka's Star Sing Reading For The Day-
Those born under the sign of the Quokka will be in for a disappointing pub trivia night this week when their team is trounced by those born under the sign of the Elephant (and when they find themselves also under the elephants in question in more ways than one).


  1. Living underground would be freaky - I enjoyed a quick peek underground in Cooper Pedy but that was it.

  2. If we were intended to live underground we'd all be blind little moles burrowing our way through tonnes of dirt and rock....instead of leaving that to the miners ;)