Monday, May 19, 2008

Trivial History May 19

That mongrel Murphy, who had caused his mischief at Kelley's and CopperWitch's homes recently, cast his beady little eyes in my direction last night.
Feral Beast had a meltdown.
A very over-due meltdown as he hasn't had one for ages, and fortunately this one only lasted for a little over an hour, but Murphy decided we needed to be reminded how good we've had it lately.
Murphy, you're a bloody pooh-head!
Nothing was smashed although feet and fists were flying - Feral Beast's, not ours - and we were able to contain the meltdown hysterics to a small part of the house...the neighbours didn't get a Sunday pre-dinner floorshow this time around.
I know how they must feel like they dipped out...NOT.
So now Feral Beast is reclining in my bed, reading The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime, feeling strangely tired and drained of energy.
I know how he feels, lol!
So he may not update his blog for a day or so, unless he does his usual trick of bouncing back as fresh as a daisy the next time I blink at him lol.
And the usual Oddspots, handy hints, recipes and bizarre star signs will have to wait their turn till tomorrow, coz I'm knackered wink

1830 Polish explorer Strzelecki, having tripped over a large lump of land in south-east Victoria, named it Gippsland after the Governor of NSW George Gipps.

Helen Porter Mitchell, better known as Dame Nellie Melba, was pupped. Read more about Nellie HERE.

1915 Lance Corporal Albert Jacka won the first VC awarded to an Aussie for the action at Courtney's Post, Gallipoli. Read about this great bloke who called a spade a bloody shovel, HERE.

1915 John Simpson (Kirkpatrick), better known as The Man With The Donkey, was killed. Read about the bloke who was recommended for the VC twice and the DSO but has received neither while his donkey was awarded the Purple Cross in 1997, HERE.

1948 Federal Govt, making a sensible decision for once, announced that all railroad gauges would be standardised by 1951.

1991 Manning Clarke became part of his beloved history when he popped his clogs. Read more about him HERE.


  1. Oh no. Poor you, your husband and your boy. I hope you are all feeling better now. And fitter - it sounds like a good workout! Do you know what causes these meltdowns? Is there a resolution?

  2. Oh sweetie, meltdowns suck. I find Boo is calmer and more lucid after one. Like he flicks a switch in his head. The bigger the meltdown the more gains in language and social skills in the days afterwards. Bizarre huh?

    Hope all is well and your ears aren't bleeding too much.

    Smootches babe.

  3. hugs.

    just hugs

    ok. maybe some chocolate too. ;)

  4. It is like an aerobic workout, Hilary lol. I blame the full moon...and Murphy !

    Yep, FB is way calmer after a meltdown, too, Kelley, and has the same kind of gains - maybe it's a way of unblocking all the white noise that's interfering with their thinking?
    The ears are fine, it's my tongue where my teeth went through it (after FB headbutted me under the chin) that's bleeding lol.

    I'll take all the hugs and choccie you've got going there, Bettina lol ;)

  5. "1861 Helen Porter Mitchell, better known as Dame Nellie Melba, was pupped."

    The old Peach Melba eh? Good job her second name wasn't Custard or something equally benign otherwise we'd have missed out on one of the world's truly great desserts.

  6. Murphys always mean trouble. I just can't imagine how hard it is with FB. I don't have the words nor the knowledge. Well I do have the knowledge as R is experienced in such matters, personal experience.

  7. You forgot Melba Toast, we couldn't live without that !

    That's the thing Andrew - it isn't always hard as they don't happen nearly as much as they used to (touch wood). It's just when these meltdowns hit suddenly out of the blue without any warning and catch you unawares that knocks the stuffing out of everyone mentally and physically.
    Otherwise he's a wonderful, fantastic kid :)

  8. Oh Jayne,

    I dislike those creepy crawlies of the web so much. I guess they can hide behind their screens but their behaviour won't make them any happier. A big virtual tira mi sui or trifle or both from me too.