Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trivial History May 20

A stunningly wonderful day to you all!
After a quiet day that involved a nana nap and a solid, full night's sleep, Feral Beast and The Tribe are bursting with energy, happiness and all spark plugs are sparking merrily away! mrgreen

Today is Eliza Doolittle Day to encourage and celebrate the proper use of language.
So learn ya vowels an' stop droppin' yer haitches an' gees when yer yappin' yer trap, eh?

While eating a lollipop in the early 1900's a young girl in Adelaide felt a tickling in her throat and coughed up small snake.
A doctor figured out that when she'd been eating watercress several weeks earlier she had swallowed an egg which had somehow developed.
That'll teach everyone to wash their watercress thoroughly!

1804 The last of David Collins' failed Sorrento Settlement upped sticks and hied themselves forth in high dudgeon to the Derwent.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When removing sticky labels or stickers from items, smear a little mayonnaise over the sticker and leave for 30 mins. Gently prod the sticker with the edge of a paint scraper or like and the sticker will come away without any problems, leaving no residue behind.

1818 Father O'Flynn, who was gaoled for not having the correct flowing robes or documentation or looked sideways at someone official, was deported. Here's your hat, what's your hurry?!

Madame Babooshka's Star Sign Reading For The Day-
The full moon has moved into the 18th quadrant of the house of Koala, leaving those born under this sign open to rain showers, daylight and possible communication with others.

1839 Moreton Bay penal settlement really wasn't everyone's cuppa tea so it closed it's doors and was reinvented as a leisure resort for businessmen looking to hide their tax income...or some such.

Miss Ed Ma Kate Shun's Elucidations -
Let the kids pick one native endangered animal to study for a week. They can then write about this animal, create a diorama to show it's habitat, draw pictures of it's prey/food and also pictures of it's natural enemies. A map can be included to show where the animal once roamed and to what smaller areas it is now confined. Discuss what action is needed to protect this animal and to help bring it's population numbers back to a sustainable level.

1839 When they shut down the Moreton Bay penal colony the drought ended in NSW - coincidence or divine intervention? I dunno but it makes the conspiracy theorists a tad rabid....

Great Uncle Rupert's Not-So-Refreshing Remembrances-
Ahhh, those night's when all we had was a kero lamp to see by, those were some times to remember. People talk tosh about "the good old days", hmph, don't know what they're rabbiting on about. The kero cost a small fortune and we could only have one lamp lit. Poor Mother had to wash, cook, mend our clothes and correct our schoolwork by that piddly lamplight; Winter nights were the worst when it got dark early and we had chores to do and still tried to get as much done by natural daylight as possible. Candles weren't much cheaper, they didn't last long and the light was even worse to try to practice the times tables by. Mind you , there were a few upsides to this - no one saw whether you managed to get to the thunderbox or the lemon tree in the middle of the night or where the home brew was hidden ha ha ha ha *cough cough*...
Will Great Uncle Rupert ever get around to talking about his home brew?
Will they ever get the electricity connected?
Will Mother discover exactly why her lemon tree is producing so many lemons?
These questions and more will probably be ignored by the crusty old bugger again tomorrow.

1927 The Domain Rd site was approved for the Shrine of Remembrance.

Tis National Archaeology Week all over Oz. Click the link HERE to discover what activities and events are available in your neck of the woods for everyone of all ages.

1929 The first Aussie airmail stamp was flogged to the masses, costing a mere threepence. Oh for the days when Aunt Mavis would cover herself in these stamps and have herself a happy holiday overseas....

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Try and cook vegies in water mixed with a little stock, this will remove the very tart taste of the likes of cabbages,broccoli, etc. This works with rice also. Save the water and use in broiling chops/steaks in a pan, this will keep the meat tender, add to the flavour and is economical.


  1. holy shit!!! I'm never eating watercress again!!

  2. LOL
    I can't say it's high on my list of stuff to grow in the backyard, either ;)