Friday, May 23, 2008

Trivial History May 23

Gggggggood mmmmorning all you litttttttle icicles!
Twas but ththththree degrees this mmmmorning when Fffferal Bbbeast planted his ffffreezing size 10's on my own ffffeet.
I've chipped my way through the ice around the interwebs - if you've noticed it's slow today there's probably some ice and snow on the cyber highway slowing things to a crawling load time.

Bernice Koppler, who almost passed out in fright when a snake hissed at her whilst she was picking blackberries in Scotland, won a fair few number of beauty contests when she arrived in Australia in 1951.
Her picture was noticed by the owner of a private zoo in Adelaide and she was given the job of washing 20 pythons daily!

1883 Adelaide, deciding they couldn't contain their exotic wildlife to government alone, established the Adelaide Zoo.

Great Aunt Hepzibah's Handy Hints-
When removing the paper wrapper from a scented bar of soap, place it in your shoes - it will scent your footwear nicely for the next time you wish to wear them.

1889 Louisa Lawson, that formidable mater of the poet Henry Lawson, founded the Dawn Club which became the central hub of woman's suffrage movement in Sydney.

Madame Babooshka's Star Sing Reading For The Day-
The moon of Saturn will move into the 29th house of the sign of the Lyre Bird, causing all kinds of upheavals when it shifts the furniture and dairy products about.

1912 After careful consideration, and rejecting the Lego-built model town of the local pre-schoolers, Walter Burley Griffin's design for Canberra was chosen as the winning entry.

Oz Slanguage -
All alone like a country dunny = abandoned, lonely, completely alone.

1927 5 Melbourne men fronted the beak (judge) in court to be fined for playing billiards on Anzac Day of that same year.

Great Uncle Rupert's Not-So-Refreshing Remembrances-
It was late one night we snuck out to start the bottling. Father was snoring his tuppence gut-rot rum fuelled chainsaw snore and rattling the windows in their frames loud enough to cover any noise we might have made. Mother was deep asleep, worn out with all the washing and mending she took in from the well-to-do homes several suburbs away - some of them were so rich they had proper bum fodder...err...toilet paper instead of newspaper squares in a piece of string!
Anyway, you could have let off a bag full o' crackers right beside the bed and Mother wouldn't have stirred.
Will they get the brew bottled?
Will Father ever roll over to stop snoring?
Will Mother ever Tontine Father to save the price of replacing broken window panes?
These important facts and more to be considered tomorrow!

2003 Dewey, the world's first cloned deer, was (pupped? hatched? found in a test tube?) born today.

Grandma Mehitabel's Menu-
Parsley Sauce -
Melt a tablespoon of butter in a saucepan over a gentle heat, then add plain flour.
Stir in thoroughly till all butter is absorbed, then slowly add milk, stirring all the while.
When you have the consistency you want, add finely chopped parsley, still stirring over the gentle heat. Seasoning to taste may be also included.
Serve with fish, vegies or meat of choice.


  1. Thththree degrees! That explains why I couldn't see through the fog of my breath when I tried to walk to the cafe this morning.

  2. Three degrees? We call that High Summer in Blighty.

  3. Good grief, Hilary!
    Do you mean to say you could feel your feet enough to walk ?!

    So we can expect to see you parading about in your bathers shortly, Brian?!!!!

  4. Not until the Japanese repeal their 'Whale Hunting' policy.

  5. Yesssss....could be a nasty surprise in someone's sushi somewhere :P